Armed Oregon Woman Stops Attempted Wildfire Arsonist

The West Coast states are basically on fire. Look at a map of wildfires going right now and you’re not going to see a lot of green beneath all the fire icons. California, Oregon and Washington are having major issues. Air quality is through the toilet making it extremely difficult just to live in those states right now, particularly if you have any breathing issues.


Wildfires are nasty, particularly when states don’t conduct controlled burns to take care of the underbrush. Yet they can start by accident. One California fire was caused by someone trying to get fancy with a gender reveal party of all things.

However, some have been started by arson, contrary to what some might want you to believe.

Some nimrod in Oregon apparently figured there weren’t enough wildfires going right now, so he allegedly decided he’d start one himself. You know, as one apparently does when they’re a mentally-defective sociopath or something.

Unfortunately for this dipstick, he ran into a bit of a snag.

An Oregon woman forced a suspected arsonist to the ground at gunpoint after she found him on her property with matches, dramatic video footage shows.

“What are you doing on my property? Did you light anything on fire?” Kat Cast shouts as she clutches a firearm, according to footage she posted on Facebook.

When the unidentified man responds that he was “just passing through,” she demands to know why he’s holding matches.

“I smoke,” he replies — to which Cast asks to see his cigarettes. The man then admits that he has none, and she holds him there until police arrive and haul him away in handcuffs.

Yeah, doesn’t look good for our intrepid moron.

Frankly, the woman did the right thing. Some will argue that she didn’t need the gun, but I disagree. Fire has killed more than 30 people this year and this individual seems to have wanted to start one that could claim dozens more.

No, the gun was warranted.


Now, the suspect will have to justify to police why he was on private property with matches and absolutely no reason to have been there with them.

To be clear, having matches in and of itself isn’t illegal. I know people who carry matches or a lighter as a “just in case” kind of thing, part of their everyday carry because sometimes, they need fire. That’s not illegal.

For this guy, though, it’s the confluence of events that raises suspicions. First, he’s on private property without permission. Second, he’s seen with matches on that property. Third, he makes an excuse but evidence suggests the excuse was bogus.

Yeah, I think this guy was trying to start a wildfire and good on this lady for not letting it happen.

Frankly, people who start these fires should be held personally liable for all the damages. They should have their wages garnished until they repay everyone for those damages. Yes, that will probably be for life, but so what? And no, it shouldn’t be a debt that can be discharged through bankruptcy.

Maybe then folks like this woman wouldn’t need to confront would-be arsonists on their property.

It’s a thought, at least.

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