Dem Lawmaker Smears Bar Owner Who Committed Suicide

Dem Lawmaker Smears Bar Owner Who Committed Suicide

Jake Gardner was just trying to run his bar. Unfortunately for him, he was attacked during one of the many riots that plague this nation. Gardner, however, wasn’t inclined to just be a victim. Instead of potentially being killed, he used his lawfully carried weapon and shot his attacker.


In the initial aftermath, his actions were ruled as self-defense.

Unfortunately, we live in a hysterical time and the mob pressured officials to appoint a special prosecutor to “re-examine” the case. They filed for an indictment and got it. Of course, you can get a ham sandwich indicted, but for many people, that was just the tip of the iceberg of what they wanted. They wanted Gardner strung up.

Gardner probably knew this. He probably doubted he’d get a fair trial. Regardless of what he knew, he took is own life.

Now, though, we’ve got a Democratic state senator smearing the deceased veteran.

Without offering any evidence, Nebraska state Sen. Megan Hunt accused an Omaha man who committed suicide Sunday of maintaining white supremacist ties because he shot a black man who had been allegedly involved in attacking his business.

Jake Gardner, a white Omaha bar owner and former U.S. Marine, committed suicide on Sunday after he was indicted by a grand jury last week with “manslaughter, attempted first-degree assault, terroristic threats, and weapon use” for shooting a black man, James Scurlock, on May 30.  At the time, Gardner was defending his bar, The Gatsby, against protestors and rioters who threw objects at the windows.

“The indictment of Jake Gardner would never have happened without the community, the people, who stood up for justice and demanded action from city officials. Jake Gardner is gone, but the white supremacist attitudes that emboldened him are still with us today,” Hunt wrote.

While the incident involving Gardner and Scurlock was originally ruled self-defense by Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine, a special prosecutor was assigned to the case to appease the public after social media outcry.

“Cases should be decided in the courtroom — and not on social media,” Stu Dornan, one of Gardner’s lawyers, said, noting that Gardner had received death threats over social media.

Gardner, a veteran, suffered traumatic brain injuries during his time in military service. According to his lawyers, it was due to experience on his tours in Iraq that Gardner “felt like he was in a warlike environment during the chaos that engulfed downtown Omaha that night.”

Despite the circumstances and evidence about the deaths of both Scurlock and Gardner, Hunt continued her Twitter thread to claim that white supremacy motivated Gardner to shoot Scurlock, and that this racial angst requires more government action.


Honestly, this is the thing that makes it almost impossible to talk to the left anymore.

It’s not good faith disagreements on what’s best for the country anymore. It’s all about their view that anyone who disagrees with them is somehow racist. Hunt has decided to label Gardner a white supremacist despite zero evidence supporting that claim. The thing is, she doesn’t need to. Absolutely no one except we on the right-leaning media will question her about it.

Jake Gardner was in a tough situation. While there’s always the possibility that he fired when he didn’t have to (I don’t think he did, but for the sake of argument and all that), but that doesn’t make him a racist. It never did.

But Hunt will make her claims and go relatively unchallenged. She won’t have to answer for her defamation.

Yet this will also loom over others who may think to act in self-defense, but might pause just a moment too long out of fear that they’ll be the next to be vilified.

Frankly, it’s my hope that the people of Nebraska remove Hunt from office so her vile rhetoric won’t mean anything to anyone ever again. She deserves to be bounced from office for this if nothing else.

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