Another Debate, Nary A Mention Of Guns Again

Another Debate, Nary A Mention Of Guns Again

On Wednesday night, Vice President Mike Pence squared off Sen. Kamala Harris in the vice presidential candidate debate.

As per usual, Cam and I prepared to have at least part of the day reacting to the Second Amendment aspects of that debate. The problem is, just like the first presidential debate, there doesn’t seem to be a single thing about guns mentioned.


Now, this is curious. Two of the four scheduled debates are in the can, and yet one of the Democrats biggest issues during the primary hasn’t come up a single time. There’s been no discussion of gun control.

This was supposed to be one of their big issues, something most candidates in the primary–including both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris–ran on, each trying to present themselves as the most gun controlling candidate out there. It was set to be a big issue and it should have provided debate moderators the opportunity to contrast the debaters.

Instead, there’s nary a word on the subject.

To be honest, though, I wasn’t particularly surprised. I’ll be more surprised if we see gun debate in the next two debates, truth be told.

See, the moderators for these debates all seem to be left-leaning journalists. They’re not fans of President Trumps and aren’t inclined to make his reelection any easier. As a result, they’re not likely to bring up topics that might hurt Biden if they can avoid it.

Meanwhile, since the primary season when guns were such a key topic, millions of Americans have become first-time gun owners. They’ve found that they had to undergo background checks at gun shows and couldn’t order guns off the internet and have them delivered to your home. They’ve learned that waiting periods have consequences. In short, they learned a whole lot about how messed up these gun control laws are.

As a result, these new gun owners are likely to speak out when Biden or Harris talk about how it’s just too easy to get a gun or to prattle on endlessly about how we clearly need tougher gun laws. They’re likely to call them out over the nonsense.


So, moderators steer the discussion away from this topic. They know this won’t work out well.

After all, the popular vote that Democrats have talked about for the last four years? Hillary won that with fewer votes than the total number of gun buyers in just June and July. In other words, it’s entirely possible their perceived edge would disappear in an instant if they started talking about gun control.

The moderators know this. Remember that four years ago, a moderator was discovered to leaked questions to the Clinton camp and received no censure from the industry. There’s zero reason to believe they’re less biased this time around. As such, they’re not going to lob fastballs at Biden. If they did, he might just think they’re literal fastballs and swing a bat at them or something.

While we will continue to monitor the debates this time around, it’s imperative that we bring up guns whenever we get the chance since the moderators sure as hell won’t.

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