At Least They're Consistent In Calling Everyone White Supremacists

The media has embraced something of a pattern over the last few years. Anyone on the right who they don’t like gets labeled not just an extremist, but a white supremacist. It starts with the president and works its way down.


Right now, the media is on a kick where they’ve decided the biggest threat isn’t the thousands of leftists who have taken to the streets and burned down portions of our cities. Oh no, the real threat is from white supremacists.

On 6 October Chad Wolf, the acting secretary of homeland security, released his department’s annual assessment of violent threats to the nation. Analysts didn’t have to dig deep into the assessment to discover its alarming content.

In a foreword, Wolf wrote that he was “particularly concerned about white supremacist violent extremists who have been exceptionally lethal in their abhorrent, targeted attacks in recent years. [They] seek to force ideological change in the United States through violence, death, and destruction.”

Two days later, the FBI swooped. It arrested 13 rightwing extremists who had allegedly been plotting to carry out a range of attacks in Michigan, including the kidnapping of the Democratic governor, Gretchen Whitmer.

Later revelations revealed that a group of anti-government paramilitaries that included some of those arrested had also discussed kidnapping the governor of Virginia.

The double strike, just days apart, of the threat assessment and the Michigan plot arrests marked an important moment in America’s tortured history of racist terrorism. US authorities appeared not only to have woken up finally to the extent of the white supremacist threat but were actually doing something about it.


Now, I won’t argue that racist terrorism is a thing. Especially in the not distant enough past when racist bastards would bomb black churches and the like.

However, at the risk of defending the absolute morons who were plotting to kidnap the Michigan governor, there’s no reason to believe them to be white supremacists. After all, at least one of the plotters attended a Black Lives Matter rally.

One of alleged plotters, 23-year-old Daniel Harris, attended a Black Lives Matter protest in June, telling the Oakland County Times he was upset about the killing of George Floyd and police violence.

If he’s a white supremacist, he kind of sucks at it.

Now, I’m not defending any of these guys. They’re morons at best. Not only was it idiotic to think something like this would actually be a good thing, but their attempts at planning their “op” were downright laughable.

Yet the problem is that the media is trying to associate “militia” with “white supremacist” because they know people will not back actual racists. So, if they can poison people’s minds against militias, then they don’t need to worry about anyone finding out that many of these militias consist of law-abiding Americans who are simply working to defend their God-given rights.


They’re not racist in any way, much less white supremacists.

However, for the media, they know they only need to provide enough facts that you can verify for about 80 percent of their story. If they do and you check them, you’ll find those are right and assume everything else it valid as well. It’s misinformation masquerading as journalism.

Then again, this is par for the course for this day and age, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, actual white supremacists are thankful that the biased media is providing them with so much cover.

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