Chicago Man Nicknamed "Murdah" Charged With Murdah

Chicago Man Nicknamed "Murdah" Charged With Murdah

Some people get stuck with nicknames that they don’t like. Some of the ones I got back in the day don’t bear mentioning. Sometimes, they have meaning. Sometimes, they’re plays off someone’s name, like when everyone in high school called me “Tomcat.” Other times, it’s a play on something you did.

Still others get reverse nicknames, like calling a fat guy “Slim” or a bald guy “Curly.”

I’m sure that’s behind a Chicago man nicknamed “Murdah,” right?

Or, you know, maybe not.

A parolee nicknamed “Murdah” has been charged with killing his friend and shooting the victim’s girlfriend during a disagreement over a gun in Chatham last month.

About a week before the Oct. 17 shooting, Aaron Campbell and his cousin went to a party, where they met up with the alleged gunman, Deangelo McClain.

Campbell, 30, and McClain were both armed and showing off their guns at the party and at some point, McClain ended up with Campbell’s gun, Cook County prosecutors said.

McClain and Campbell’s cousin then got into an argument and Campbell ended up leaving the party without his gun, prosecutors said.

Campbell then left, but without his gun. After several days and several attempts at making contact to get his gun back, he eventually did and went to McClain’s house.

McClain approached Campbell’s car with an unidentified individual.

McClain, joined by a still-unidentified person, came up to Campbell’s driver’s side window, leaned in and told Campbell “he was tweaking” before firing into the car, Assistant State’s Attorney James Murphy said.

Campbell was shot several times and his girlfriend was struck once. Campbell was taken to University of Chicago Medical Center, where he later died, and his girlfriend underwent surgery to remove a bullet from her abdomen, police and prosecutors said.

The girlfriend identified McClain by his nickname and picked him out of a photo lineup.

Yet my question is pretty straightforward. Just how did McClain, a parolee, get a firearm in the first place in a state with such strict gun control? Could it be that gun control isn’t worth the ink used to print it?

I mean, I know that people with nicknames like “Murdah” are usually the trustworthy sort, downright paragons of virtue and all, but if he’d already done prison time and if gu control like universal background checks actually work, then just how did this guy get a gun?

It’s important to remember that Murdah wasn’t at his bond hearing. Why? He was in the hospital after being shot in a different incident. In other words, this is a career criminal who is knee-deep in the violence that plagues Chicago’s streets. Yet he got a firearm despite everything gun control advocates claim.

Murdah is charged with murder being gun control laws don’t stop people like him. They never have and they never will.

All it does is interfere with the law-abiding citizens of Illinois who want to own firearms for lawful purposes. They are the ones who are left to grovel before the government in hopes they can be blessed with permission to buy a gun while people like Murdah can get them with impunity.