Celeb 'Jokes' About Destroying A Red State, But We Still Hold Onto Our Guns

Celebrities. Most are entertainers who forget that their sole claim to fame is that they’ve been entertaining to someone. Many seem to believe that their celebrity status gives them some degree of expertise on things that they often know nothing about.


That said, they do have freedom of speech, same as anyone else. They have a right to say stupid things just as we have a right to mock their stupidity. Such is the natural order of things.

Unfortunately, far too many leftist celebrities are also a good chunk of why I’ll be damned if I’m giving up my guns.

“Do we have this technology yet?” Trevor Noah of The Daily Show tweeted Tuesday evening, posting a GIF of the Star Wars death star destroying Florida in retaliation for President Donald Trump winning the state.

Hey, the guy is a comedian, right?

“I guess people can’t take a joke,” one fan tweeted in response to some who did not think it very funny.

That depends: If Democrats can laugh at mass-murder over voting for Republicans, would there be any demographics where similar treatment would not only be forbidden but career-ending? How about if a white “conservative” offered an identical scenario with a different victim pool?

The thing is, it’s not like Republicans in general and gun owners, in particular, haven’t been the objects of real  mass death wishes, including by “progressive” celebrities, like raging nepotism beneficiary Nancy Sinatra, who tweeted:

“The murderous members of the NRA should face a firing squad.”

Hey, anyone willing to see 5 million political opponents executed wouldn’t stop there. And Nancy wasn’t joking. Neither were any of the innumerable anti-gun Democrats who can’t contain their hatred enough to conceal what they would like to do if they only had the power:

What is it about gun-grabbers and genocide? And what is it about Noah?


Look, I can joke about some pretty dark stuff. I think most people who served in the military can, even if they didn’t see combat. I can see the funny in stuff a lot of people can’t.

This? It wasn’t.

Further, imagine if Dennis Miller had joked about nuking California or New York. Do you think he’d have gotten a pass? Of course not.

Yet celebrities are what they are. They don’t have any actual power, they’re just vocal people with a larger audience than most. The problem is, the idea of killing people who disagree with them doesn’t begin or end with celebs. It’s across a large chunk of the left, really, though we usually don’t see it because no one actually listens to those other folks.

This violent idea of literally destroying your opponents is something that more than a few liberals would actually prefer to follow through on. At a minimum, many want to herd us into camps.

Is it any wonder they see genocide in everything the right does? It’s called projection, and they have enough to open a chain of IMAX theaters.

The truth is that there’s every reason to take these people at their word. They want us dead. They also want us disarmed. That’s because it’s much harder to resist–and virtually impossible to resist effectively–without weapons, so they seek to take our weapons away. After all, why else do you think the same people “joking” about genocide also want gun control?


I know, it’s a mystery to me too. </eye roll>

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