ATF Head Reportedly Already Working With Biden

If there is any good news about last week’s election it’s that the Democrats didn’t get the clean sweep they were expecting. While Nancy Pelosi can prattle on about Biden having a mandate greater than Kennedy’s, the truth of the matter is that he squeaked into the White House and she’s damn lucky Democrats held onto the House. They also failed to get a majority in the Senate. The best they can hope for there is a 50-50 split, which won’t be enough to override the filibuster, even with Kamala Harris casting the deciding vote.


That means much of Biden’s gun control plan simply can’t be put into effect. That’s good.

However, it also appears that the head of the ATF is already working with Biden on a host of measures that can be achieved without the legislative branch’s involvement.

While the court battles over control of the Whitehouse continues, the leadership of the ATF has already started working with the Biden transition to restrict American’s gun rights further.

Behind the Trump Admins’ Back

Biden will not officially become the president-elect until the election results are certified. Although the former Vice President has claimed victory, Trump has pointed to widespread voter fraud.

Rudy Giuliani showed that Will Smith’s long-dead grandfather and deceased boxer Joe Frazier voted in the election.

November 10th, 2020, during an ATF conference call, Acting Director Regina Lombardo told those in attendance that the anti-gun Biden transition team has reached out to the ATF to get the agency’s “top priorities”.

AmmoLand News’ anonymous source said Lombardo told those on the call that her priorities would be pistol braces and 80% lower receivers.

There are currently multiple millions of pistol braces owned by law-abiding American gun-owners.


This is unsurprising, really, and it won’t require a legislative effort. After all, look at the bump stock ban.

Yet in the process, millions of lawfully-owned firearms will be turned into NFA items overnight. While I’d imagine there will be some grace period when it comes to pistol braces, there’s no guarantee of that. Still, even if there is, it’s important to remember that even if there is, it’ll still reclassify thousands of firearms as illegal weapons overnight, thus depriving their owners of lawfully-held property.

At the end of the day, this is an issue.

The same will be true if 80 percent lower receivers are also banned.

What’s not clear is how this ban would work. After all, if they lower the percentage required for an item to not be classified as a firearm, vendors will simply adapt and offer, say 75 percent lower receivers or what have you. The problem is that they simply can’t lower it enough. After all, I’ve seen a video of a guy who built an AK receiver out of a shovel. If you can do that, you can do it with any sheet metal that meets specifications. You can’t start requiring background checks for all of that.

Further, anyone who has access to the right milling equipment is capable of making an AR-15 receiver out of a block of aluminum.


In other words, you can’t really prevent people from making their own firearms. At best, you can make it more of a pain in the butt for some, but that’s it.

Meanwhile, criminals will still get guns.

Of course, in fairness, this is from an anonymous source we know nothing about. It’s certainly possible that the ATF has no interest in reclassifying anything. It’s also possible that Biden is really pro-gun and can’t wait to repeal the NFA completely so we can all rush out and buy newly-manufactured machine guns right at our local gun store.

Figure the odds of either of those being true. I suspect they’re about the same.

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