Legislator Moves To Make Whole State 2A Sanctuary

When Democrats took control of the state of Virginia, over 90 percent of the state embraced some form of Second Amendment sanctuary status. While it’s debatable as to whether or not such a measure actually does any good or not, it sent a clear signal, even if Governor Ralph Northam was too deaf to hear it.


Now we’re faced with a real possibility that we’ll see Joe Biden in the White House. We already know where he stands on the issue of guns and our gun rights. We know they’re in danger.

It seems at least one lawmaker in Oklahoma agrees, and he’s trying to do something about it.

Some Republican state lawmakers are drafting legislation that they say will protect gun rights in Oklahoma when presumptive President-elect Joe Biden takes office.

Biden’s plan includes a ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, similar to the assault weapons ban of 1994; it would regulate possession of existing assault weapons under the National Firearms Act; the plan would also buy back the assault weapons and high-capacity magazines already in our communities; and require background checks for all gun sales and end the online sale of firearms and ammunition.

State Sen. Nathan Dahm, R-Broken Arrow said he’s working on legislation that would make Oklahoma a Second Amendment sanctuary state.

“Meaning that those cities, those states, those counties that enact this will not implement any unconstitutional gun control measures,” Dahm said.

Dahm is also considering language that would forbid police in the state from enforcing federal gun control measures.

Unsurprisingly, those who support Biden’s plans are trying to argue that Dahm’s proposal is unconstitutional, though I suspect all of them support immigration sanctuaries.

Anyway, Dahm is the first, but I don’t expect him to be the last. While I don’t know enough about Oklahoma politics to know if it’ll pass, I do expect to see lawmakers in many other states–particularly red states–making similar proposals. Especially in light of Biden’s radical anti-gun agenda.


By becoming sanctuary states, they can make a stand. They can issue a warning to the federal government that they’re not interested in giving up their Second Amendment rights.

I don’t think it’ll stop Biden anymore than it’s stopped Northam in Virginia, but that’s not really the point. What matters more is that people don’t just roll over and die because of the results of an election. It’s vital that we dig in and fight back with everything we can. Sure, the election might well be fraudulent, but that means fighting back is even more important, not less so.

Dahm is described as something of a radical, but the truth is that he’s making the right move. What we need to see are far more lawmakers follow his lead on this. Let’s turn every red state into a Second Amendment sanctuary. Then, if the feds decide that assault weapons are NFA items and we need to give them up, then they’ll realize they’ll have to go into states that are downright hostile to the idea.

Molon Labe, baby. Molon Labe.

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