Political Guns Turn Sights On Georgia

A 50-50 split in the Senate is less than ideal, especially with Democrats having control over the House and the potential control over the Oval Office. In order to preserve our gun rights with something approaching a safety margin, Republicans need a firm majority. That also keeps the vice president out of the mix, and since we don’t know who that is…well, some options aren’t that great.


Currently, the Senate is 48-50 with two seats potentially still up for grabs, pending the results of recounts. Both of those seats are in Georgia, which makes this Georgian feel all tingly inside.

Now, all the political guns are sighted in on Georgia, and the battle has already commenced.

Sen. Rick Scott of Florida is taking to the airwaves in neighboring Georgia.

The former Florida governor and first-term senator stars in a TV commercial for Georgia’s twin Senate runoff elections that attacks the Senate’s Democratic leader, Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York.

The runoffs for the Republican-held seats will take place Jan. 5, and they will determine whether the GOP holds on to its majority in the chamber, or if the Democrats will control both houses of Congress and the White House.

The ad features comments by Schumer made this in early November, when the minority leader said, “Now, we take Georgia. Then, we change America.”

Scott, speaking to the camera in his ad, says, “That’s Democrat leader Chuck Schumer. You heard him. They plan to take Georgia so they can change America.”

“Their change? Reduce funding for police, eliminate employer-based health insurance, pack the supreme court, chip away at our religious freedom and gun rights,” Scott charges in the spot. “Georgia, don’t let these radicals change America.”

And, in fairness, Scott is right.

I’m very troubled by what I’ve seen in Georgia over the last couple of years. My home state doesn’t seem to hold any resemblance to the pro-gun state of my youth. If either Jon Ossoff or Raphael Warnock win, they will use their position to try and usher in the kind of change in our nation that Schumer promised.


That definitely includes an all-out assault on our gun rights.

Sen. Chuck Schumer has never been a friend of gun owners. As a New Yorker, he maintains the same anti-gun sensibilities that we routinely see from other politicians out of there. They think that what New York does is good for the rest of the country and they think nothing of stomping all over your rights to make it happen.

If they get half a chance, they will come for your guns. Make no mistake about that.

It’s for that reason that Georgia has suddenly become so important. There’s simply nowhere to turn if either of the radical progressives running win. At that point, none of your rights will be safe, but most especially your Second Amendment rights. It won’t matter what the text on the page says if they strip those words of any real meaning or teeth with which it can restrict the government.

As a Georgian, I thank Sen. Scott and his PAC for stepping in and I eagerly await others to do the same. Right now, Georgia is too important to ignore.

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