Rachel Maddow's Gun Range Date

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow is no friend of gun owners. She’s used her show time and time again to advocate for gun control, seeking to restrict your right to keep and bear arms. She’s backed pretty much every anti-gun politician you care to name and done with glee.


With every fiber of her being, she’s done just about everything you can think of to tramble on the right to keep and bear arms.

Which is why finding out what she and her partner did for a first date is so downright humorous to me.

So what was Rachel Maddow and her partner’s first date like? The media icon came out guns blazing —literally! Yup, they went to a gun range! Quite a stone’s throw, or sporting clay’s throw, from dinner and a movie.

“My first date with Susan was at an NRA ‘Ladies Day On The Range’ event, and that is as close as I have ever gotten to the NRA,” Maddow said in 2011, according to the Huffington Post. Maddow may be pro gun-control, politically speaking, but the journalist admitted the pair did enjoy the outing. “Susan has the hand-eye coordination,” Maddow told Rolling Stone. “But I can’t control my movements.” The pair then went for a stroll in a Western Massachusetts cemetery. And there, “at a moment of nearly transcendent silence and beauty, while they were looking serenely at 19th-century gravestones,” per Rolling Stone, they fell in love. Pretty adorable, in a morbidly sweet way!

In 2016, Maddow showed off her marksman skills yet again by taking CBS Sunday Morning to a firing range. “I’m a real liberal even on gun safety and gun control issues. That said, I think that shooting is fun,” she told the outlet. “And I think shooting ranges are an excellent place to both learn … and to freak your friends out.” She then remarked on the Colt-45 she was holding was “a beautiful gun.” Rachel Maddow sure loves guns … and her life partner!


She loves guns…but she wants to deny you the ability to have them.

Oh, this isn’t quite as bad as all those anti-gunners who turn out to actually own them, but it’s close.

See, what’s happening is that Maddow likes having access to guns when she wants them, but unless you want them the exact same way she does–at a range where you can rent them, but not take them home–then she thinks something is wrong with you.

The thing is, the Second Amendment isn’t about having a good time or freaking your friends out. It’s about protecting yourself and protecting this nation, even from its own government if need be.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love to go shooting with friends. It’s a great time and I relish the times I got to shoot with various buddies. To risk a pun, it was a blast.

I’m just saying that’s not what it’s about.

Meanwhile, that’s all Maddow seems to believe the Second Amendment is for. Well, that’s probably not fair. I’m not sure Maddow cares what the Second Amendment says in the least.

All she cares about is that she and her partner had their fun, but now she wants to deny you access to that very thing. So very liberal of her.

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