Writing In Trump For GA Senate Is Dumbest Idea Ever

Writing In Trump For GA Senate Is Dumbest Idea Ever

Politics attracts a lot of stupid ideas. Communism and socialism, for example.

However, there’s an idea that seems to be popping up that is absolutely baffling in its outright stupidity. It seems that many Trump supporters are upset with some here in Georgia. After all, there were some irregularities there in Georgia’s voting and it seems to many that our Republican leadership isn’t taking those irregularities seriously.

Now, that’s not the stupid part. On the contrary, I get it. I’m not happy that there wasn’t at least some effort to take a critical look and make sure our electoral process is secure.

The stupid part is how some people are responding to it. You see, they think Republicans here in Georgia should lash out by writing in Trump for the Georgia Senate races. Of course, it should be noted that in Georgia runoffs, there’s not the possibility of writing in Trump. After all, there’s not even a line allocated for a write-in candidate because, well, it’s a runoff between two candidates.

However, others seem to be encouraging Trump supporters to just outright skip voting in the runoff at all.

To be fair, this smacks of a false-flag kind of thing. Someone pretends to be Republican and calls for this, only they’re not and they’re hoping Trump supporters are too stupid to see through their antics.

Yet it seems that at least some Trump supporters are really down with this plan.

Now, as a long-time libertarian, I’d really love to see some of these people remember this whole “they’re not entitled to our votes” the next time they claim the Libertarian Party’s candidate is the reason they lost an election.

It should be noted that some who support this plan seem to think it’s more than just punishing Georgia Republicans, but that writing in Trump can actually hand the White House to Trump. That might be dumber, and not just because it’s not physically possible.

However, there’s a more important point to make here, and that’s the ramifications of this brand of stupidity.

Right now, Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are locked in a battle that has ramifications for our entire country. If they lose, then we’re looking at a Democrat-controlled House, a Democrat in the White House, and a 50-50 split in the Senate with the Democrat vice president casting the deciding vote.

I don’t know about you, but that’s not exactly making me feel as if all is right with the world.

Understand, I get being upset because you think President Trump is getting a raw deal. I get wanting to punish those you feel are responsible. However, who really gets punished with this approach?

Neither Perdue nor Loeffler had anything to do with certifying elections. Arguably, if there was any fraud, they’re likely the victims of it as well. Why punish them over this?

And what about the rest of the country? This race has serious national implications. Handing Democrats effective control over the Senate would be disastrous for any conservative or libertarian value you care to name. Is it really that important to the petulant children out there that they get their way? And yes, that’s precisely what we’re looking at here: Children having a temper tantrum because they didn’t get their way. They might have had an initial point, but now it’s getting lost in the crying.

If you want to punish the governor and secretary of state here in Georgia, there’s a way to do it. Primary them. Beat them in two years and make it clear why they’re being beaten. Put them out of office so everyone gets the message loud and clear.

That’s how you teach lessons in politics. You don’t flop on the ground and cry and screw everyone else in the nation over because things didn’t work out like you wanted.

Believe me, the only one who will learn a lesson that way is the Biden administration, and it won’t be a lesson we enjoy.