Three CA Men Face Federal Gun Trafficking Charges

Three CA Men Face Federal Gun Trafficking Charges

California has some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation. They’re restrictive in almost any way you can be restrictive. The only reason they haven’t outright banned guns is that they know they can’t get away with it. However, they’ve restricted them to a point of absurdity.


Yet gun control proponents routinely argue that California’s gun control laws work.

I guess these three guys (allegedly) didn’t get the memo.

Three California men face federal gun trafficking charges after they allegedly bought or tried to buy 27 firearms in Utah in the past four months.

Erick Lopez, 20; Christopher Lopez, 22; and Bryan Rodriguez, 21, were charged with travel within the United States with intent to deal firearms without a license, according to a complaint unsealed in U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City.

According to the complaint, Rodriguez told federal agents that he bought the guns for Erick Lopez and Christopher Lopez and another unidentified man because they were unable to legally buy firearms in Utah.

Prior to each transaction at several stores, the three men gave Rodriguez instructions as to the quantity and type of guns to buy and provided him with cash for each sale, the complaint says. The three men are believed to be related to each other.

None of them had a valid federal firearms license to deal, transport or ship guns.

Despite this, they were allegedly attempting to buy and transport firearms into the most gun-controlled state in the nation. Maybe it’s just me, but it looks like maybe those gun control laws aren’t stopping everything some folks want to believe they are.

Of course, some will look at this and argue that it’s evidence we need more gun control at the federal level, that if we had that, these guys and others like them wouldn’t be able to get guns.


However, that ignores the reality of criminals.

See, if they want guns, they’re going to get guns somehow, some way. If they can’t get them this way, they’ll get them by stealing them from law-abiding gun owners. If they can’t get them from that, they’ll start looking overseas and buy them that way.

After all, how else do drugs make it into this country?

If you’re saying you believe new laws would somehow stop the flow of guns to criminals, you’re showing yourself to be willfully ignorant about how often criminals obtain stuff they’re not legally allowed to have. That includes drugs and yes, it includes guns.

You’re not going to stop criminals from getting firearms with more gun laws. After all, these three are charged with trying to circumvent the laws already in place. They didn’t do anything legally, according to authorities. Why would you believe still more gun laws would actually have some kind of an impact?

The reason is, of course, that they don’t necessarily even care if it stops gun trafficking. They just want to use it as an excuse to deny you and yours the ability to defend yourself, all so they can feel good about themselves.

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