Everyone Digs In And Waits To See What Biden Does

Whether we like it or not, Joe Biden will likely be sworn in as President of the United States of America next month. Barring a miracle, it seems more and more likely that we’ll have the most anti-gun administration in the history of the nation take office.


During the primaries, Biden made his feelings known on guns, though that issue dropped off the radar entirely during the general election. We know he’s not our friend and there’s absolutely no upside to a Biden administration. Sure, gun sales will likely continue to be high, but that’s until the bans start.

And many expect to see executive action on guns right from the get-go, though that’s by no means assured. As a result, many activists on either side are digging in and waiting to see what happens.

​Back in March of this year, hours before the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way political campaigns work, then-candidate Joe Biden stopped in Ohio.

First, he stopped in Columbus and met with members of two gun control advocacy groups, Everytown Survivor Network and Moms Demand Action, according to Rebecca Gorski a volunteer with the latter group.

Despite the new style of campaign, which for Biden meant months of videos and small group discussions instead of large political rallies, Gorski said the issue of firearms in the United States wasn’t forgotten.

“I think candidates were speaking about it more than ever before, and I think that it’s important to voters,” she said.

Where Gorski sees promise in the Biden-Harris agenda, [Second Amendment activist Amanda] Suffecool sees a breach of freedom.

“When you talk to the liberal gun club, they’re like, ‘Yeah, that’s the platform that’s not real.’ Well, if it’s not real, why is it saying this is the direction we want to go?” Suffecool said.

Suffecool advocates for more education when it comes to gun ownership and usage. That is not in the current platform. She doesn’t think the platform is going in the right direction.


Of course, this disparity is nothing new. Many left-leaning gun owners have apparently convinced themselves that Joe Biden isn’t really going to come for our guns, that he just said that during the primary to get ahead of all the other candidates. However, it’s also important to remember that Biden has been an anti-gun jihadist for quite some time.

Frankly, anyone claiming that Biden won’t come after our guns is probably deluding themselves.

That said, there’s always been at least some disconnect between what a candidate says and what they actually do. Part of that is that the legislature simply won’t allow them to do everything they promised on the campaign trail, so there’s that.

However, we won’t know how far Biden will try to push things until he gets into office.

So yeah, everyone needs to dig in. It’s clear we’re going to have a legislative fight on our hand for the next two years and the only hope we really have for keeping Biden in check lies in the two Georgia Senate races, so it’s time to rally behind Sens. Doug Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.

That’ll put a big thorn in Biden’s side when it comes to guns. Without that, what we have are hopes and wishes that Biden was just being a politician on gun control and not a true believer.


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