Mark Kelly Sworn In, Media Overhypes The Significance

Former astronaut turned gun-control activist Mark Kelly was sworn in and is now a United States Senator. While most who won in November have to wait a bit before taking office, Kelly didn’t.


And now, the media is making a big deal over it.

Democrats picked up a Senate seat on Wednesday when former astronaut Mark Kelly was sworn in as a US senator for Arizona after defeating Republican Sen. Martha McSally last month.

While other senators-elect will have to wait until January to be sworn in for the new Congress, Kelly was able to take the oath of office right away since he won a special election.
A Kelly aide told CNN earlier in the day that Kelly would be sworn in with his wife, former Democratic Rep. Gabby Giffords, and his two daughters by his side, and that his twin brother, Scott Kelly, and family friends would also be attending.
Party control of the Senate still has yet to be determined and now hinges on two Georgia runoffs set for January. Securing the seat from Arizona is nevertheless a major victory for Democrats, who had set their sights on it as one of their early top pickup opportunities in 2020.

For once, CNN wasn’t the worst of the bunch. Other media outlets made a huge deal about how this narrows the Republican majority in the Senate, which is an insane pronouncement to make.

After all, it’s a single seat that makes no difference right now and, depending on the outcome here in Georgia during next month’s runoff election, may not make much difference later either.

With Kelly in office, though, we’ve got yet another anti-gun crusader who doesn’t seem to understand the reality surrounding our Second Amendment rights.


His swearing-in, however, does remind us of just how important the races here in Georgia are. If we don’t step up and take care of business in the runoff, people like Kelly will be able to exert much more influence and be able to push through some particularly egregious infringements on our Second Amendment rights.

Kelly doesn’t care about your family. He doesn’t care whether you need a firearm to protect yourself or your loved ones. He’s still angry that a maniac did something horrible and cares nothing about how guns are used more often to protect life than to take a life. He’s myopic when it comes to guns, so he’ll take your gun to punish you for what someone did to his wife.

The best way to keep him from doing that is to rally behind the pro-gun candidates in Georgia.

Honestly, right now, just about everything revolves around those two races. Without at least one of those seats, we have a 50-50 split in the Senate, Democrats in control of the House, and a Democrat in the White House. That’s not a good position to be in.

So, at the end of the day, Kelly’s seat doesn’t necessarily matter worth a damn, but only if we make sure it doesn’t.

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