Leftist Terrorists Attempt To Sabatoge Trains In WA

While the media has spent a lot of time screaming about right-leaning people with guns, there’s a whole wide world of evil out there. The right has its share of nutjobs, to be sure, but they don’t hold a candle to the violence we’ve seen from the left.


Of course, riots get called “mostly peaceful” protests while a few guys standing around with guns are an existential threat to the republic.

The inept plot to kidnap a governor got wall-to-wall media coverage for similar reasons. Meanwhile, a couple of leftist-anarchists were arrested on terrorism charges and we don’t even hear a peep.

Two people arrested on the BNSF Railway tracks near Bellingham, Whatcom County, were charged with terrorist attack and other violence against a railroad carrier, and appeared in federal court today, announced U.S. Attorney Brian T. Moran. Samantha Brooks, 27, and Ellen Reiche, 23, both of Bellingham, Washington, were arrested Saturday night in Bellingham as they allegedly placed a ‘shunt’ on the tracks. A shunt disrupts the low level electrical current on the tracks and can disable various safety features.

“Since January there have been 41 incidents of shunts placed on the BNSF tracks in Whatcom and Skagit counties—causing crossing guards to malfunction, interfering with automatic breaking systems, and, in one case, causing the near-derailment of tanks of hazardous chemicals,” said U.S. Attorney Moran. “These crimes endanger our community. I commend the agents from Customs and Border Protection, FBI, BNSF Police, and state and local partners who prioritized stopping this criminal conduct.”

According to the criminal complaint, the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force has been investigating the placement of shunts on the BNSF tracks since January 19, 2020. The shunt is comprised of wire and magnets that are stretched between the tracks, disrupting the systems that indicate a train is on the tracks. On ten occasions, shunts were placed in areas that disrupt the crossing guards where the tracks cross streets, so vehicles could have tried to cross the tracks unaware of the oncoming train. On the night of October 11, 2020, multiple shunts were placed in three different locations in Whatcom and Skagit Counties. The shunts triggered an automatic breaking system on a train that was transporting hazardous and combustible material. The emergency breaking then caused a portion of the train to decouple from the engine. Decoupling has the potential to cause a derailment—in this case—of tanker cars of flammable gas in a residential area.


Following the first such shunts being discovered in January, an anarchist website claimed responsibility.

There’s been silence from the mainstream media.

Granted, there doesn’t appear to have been any injuries resulting from these acts, but I find it hilarious that these two were allegedly risking innocent lives to make a political point, but the media ignores it, while a few armed citizens standing around with weapons is some horrible threat.

If you don’t believe media bias is real, then please explain why two people arrested on terrorism charges don’t warrant a national news story, but people exercising their Second Amendment rights is sufficient grounds for countless op-eds, blog posts, and editorials decrying their actions. I’d absolutely love to hear that reasoning.

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