If UK Gun Laws Are So Effective, What Are These Charges, Then?

Gun control advocates claim that gun laws in places like the UK and Australia are the reason gun crime in these countries is so low. Of course, crime rates themselves are still pretty high and criminals who couldn’t get guns simply switched to other weapons, but sure, let’s pretend the claim has validity on some level.


If that’s the case, then just what are these alleged criminals in England being charged with again?

Four people have been charged with firearms offences after police executed warrants and seized guns in Newton Heath and Tameside.

Dannell Jammeh , 40, and Mark Crolla, 39, both of Scotland Hall Road, Newton Heath and Martin Joyce, 36, of Ashley Lane, Moston have been charged with conspiracy to possess a firearm with intent to danger life.

In a statement Greater Manchester Police said: “On Tuesday 15 and Thursday 17 December 2020, officers executed warrants at properties in Newton Health and the Audenshaw area of Tameside resulting in the seizure of a number of suspected firearms. Enquiries are ongoing.”

So, despite all those gun laws that supposedly work oh-so-well, we’ve got four people charged with having illegal guns.

This isn’t the first case of such a thing I’ve written about in the United Kingdom, either. While firearms may not be as common there as they are in the United States, both the UK and Australia are islands. That makes it a bit more difficult to smuggle guns into the country, though not impossible. Because of that difficulty, you’d think they’d have a pretty good lock on the illicit firearm market.

Yet I keep seeing stories about people being arrested for having illegal firearms there. I write about a fair number of them, but I don’t have time to write about all of them, even if I wanted to.

What all of that does, though, is make it clear that the UK’s gun laws aren’t nearly the answer gun control activists here in the States would have you believe. They don’t keep guns out of criminal hands, they don’t prevent violent crime, and they don’t really do much of anything except keep law-abiding citizens from being able to exercise their right to keep and bear arms.


No, the UK doesn’t recognize such a right, that doesn’t mean such a right doesn’t exist for subjects of the crown. A right to be armed is the natural right of all people, one that must be defended and preserved.

They didn’t do that in the UK and now criminals can get guns without issue while law-abiding citizens are effectively disarmed. There’s nothing right about this in the least.

However, unless residents there are willing to step up and demand their right to be armed be restored to them, nothing is going to change. Criminals will keep getting guns, good guys will continue to be victims, and absolutely nothing will be any different.

The problem is, there are people who want this for us here in the United States. They want us disarmed and they’ll do whatever they can to make it happen.

Unlike the law-abiding subjects of the British government, we Americans aren’t known for being compliant to tyranny.

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