Media Already Starting To Freak Over "Militias"

It’s almost cyclical. If a Democrat gets elected president, the media begins to pivot into talking about the return of the militias. In fairness, the militias are populated with people who are less concerned with power grabs under a Republican president, but the media still has to make a thing of it.

Well, Joe Biden is the president-elect right now barring some kind of miracle I don’t see happening, so guess what time it is?

That’s right. It’s time for the media to freak over militias, and they’re right on cue.

The looming specter of gun control is once again becoming a rallying cry among America’s self-styled “militias,” which are drumming up paranoia about a potential large-scale Joe Biden-backed campaign to disarm the American populace. And experts fear that hysteria over guns could bring the simmering militia movement to a full boil.

The gun control bills that Biden helped pass when he was a Senator in the 1990s, including the now-expired assault weapon ban, were among the key factors driving the emergence of the militia movement. Back then, anti-government extremists stoked fears of an impending disarmament campaign to rally supporters.

Now, nearly three decades later, the militia movement is seizing on Biden’s promises to reinstate the ban on manufacture and sale of assault weapons, like the controversial AR-15, and his support for an optional buyback scheme to incentivize people to turn in their guns.

Sorry, it’s not an optional buyback scheme when your “options” are to sell it to the government, pay a buttload of money you don’t have for all your guns and magazines if you want to keep them, or face prison. There aren’t many options in that scenario.

Yet the anti-gun media will continue to beat this drum until people actually believe it’s really optional.

I mean, in the strictest definitions of the term, sure, but for many, there aren’t any real options. I don’t have a particularly extensive firearm collection, all things concerned, yet even I would have to drop a few thousand dollars just to keep what I currently own under Biden’s plan. I don’t have it. As a result, my options are limited.

That’s true of a lot of folks.

Look, if you’re freaking about the militias, it’s important to remember that they’re pretty open about what their line in the sand actually is. Don’t confiscate people’s guns. It’s that simple.

I find it funny, though, that after a summer filled with mindless mobs destroyed entire communities, a few guys who generally only stand around and complain is suddenly the threat. Especially when they’ll straight out tell you what not to do if you want to keep them in check.

The problem is that the left isn’t afraid of violence, they’re afraid the militias will be less indiscriminate. They’re afraid the militias will be more effective and targeted in their violence. They won’t destroy entire city blocks for no good reason but will instead hit where it will actually hurt.

They’re scared the militias will be more impactful with their violence than the media’s leftist comrades. That’s the real problem.

Frankly, I’d rather we avoid all of that and just not ban anything, but that’s just me.