Georgia Senate Race Basically A Referendum On Second Amendment

I was already sick of campaign literature and commercials when November rolled around, but I considered myself fortunate. After all, it would all soon be over, right? I mean, the election typically marks the end of the campaign.


Granted, I expected Sen. Kelly Loeffler to find herself in a runoff due to the nature of the jungle primary she found herself in–it’s rare for a candidate to get 50 percent plus one vote in such a format–but it’s just one race. I could deal with that, right?

I didn’t expect Sen. David Perdue to find himself in one, though.

Yet here we are, with two runoffs and the balance of the senate hanging precariously. This is especially important for those of us focused on the Second Amendment.

As former Rep. Bob Barr and attorney Amy Swearer note, the Second Amendment really does hang in the balance here.

In an unusual twist of electoral fate, not one but both of Georgia’s sitting Republican United States senators face Democrat challengers in a runoff election scheduled for Jan. 5, 2021, just two days after the 117th Congress will have been seated. The Second Amendment does not by name appear on the Georgia ballot, but it might as well.

If both incumbent senators – David Perdue and Kelley Loeffler – are defeated next month, the new Senate will be evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats, which means that two weeks later, on Jan. 20 when Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th president of the United States, his newly installed vice president, Kamala Harris, becomes the tie-breaking, de facto 101st senator.

Neither Biden nor Harris is friend to the Second Amendment, and neither are the two Democrats – Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock – running against Perdue and Loeffler. Their election would be a toxic mixture for the majority of Georgians who are now and historically have been strong backers of the right to keep and bear arms, both philosophically and in practice.

An evenly split Senate resulting from a twin Republican defeat in Georgia next month will have profound impact on Second Amendment issues coming before the Senate, in terms of both legislation and confirmations. In this regard, it is important to understand where Georgia’s pair of Democrat challengers now fighting to join the Senate, stand on such issues.

Even a cursory look at where Ossoff (who is challenging Perdue) and Warnock (Loeffler’s adversary) stand on matters relating to firearms reveals they are bitter enemies of gun rights, especially as those views are held and practiced by most Georgians.


Obviously, I agree completely with Barr and Swearer. Neither of these two candidates is a friend of the Second Amendment. They might claim it in campaign stops or in commercials, but it doesn’t take much delving into their plans to see precisely what they want, which is to gut our gun rights to the point that they’ll be less than useless to defend us from a tyrannical government.

Yet there are also those out there who want to play games with this runoff. They think that by somehow telling pro-gun folks not to vote in the runoff, that they can somehow prevent a takeover in the Senate.

I’m going to lay it down to you straight. While I do think there were an awful lot of shenanigans in the election, particularly here in Georgia. I have my thoughts as to why Georgia GOP officials didn’t trip over themselves to expose it, but I won’t get into it right now.

What Wood claims in his tweet is that if we don’t vote, it’ll expose the voter fraud for the whole world to see. However, I’d argue that a boycott simply makes it easier for Democrats to win. After all, why bother to steal an election if the other side will just hand it over?

That’s precisely what a voting boycott will do.

The truth of the matter is that if pro-gun folks don’t vote, then they have no room to complain when Ossoff and Warnock waltz into the Senate. It’s as simple as that. Wood and those like him can scream about the algorithm’s impact, but unless they can show me where they’ve actually examined that algorithm, then there’s no reason to believe they actually know just how it will do what.


I think it makes more sense to swamp the voting machines with legitimate pro-GOP votes to the point that it makes fraud impossible, but that’s just me.

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