Alyssa Milano Says Something Even Dumber About Guns

Alyssa Milano isn’t the kind of person any of us should look to for guidance on pretty much anything. I mean, she’s an actress, someone who makes a living playing pretend for a living. She has no appreciable expertise in much of anything. Based on her body of work, that includes no appreciable expertise in acting.


I’m just saying.

Anyway, Milano had to pontificate on guns again on Tuesday, this time comparing them to masks of all things.

Now, I’m not going to get into the usefulness of masks one way or another. For the sake of argument, I’m going to simply argue as if they are effective. Whether that’s true or not is a completely different discussion.

That said, let’s assume masks are as effective as claimed, that they’re absolutely essential to stop the spread of COVID-19.

So what?

Masks are designed to stop one particular threat. AR-15s are designed to stop a completely different threat. It’s like comparing a seatbelt to a nuclear deterent.

Further, Milano didn’t think about how this could be turned against her and her fellow anti-gunners. After all, COVID is pretty survivable for most people, but violent crime? Well, let’s just say the ramifications of not having a firearm could have longer-lasting consequences than getting COVID, so why wear a mask if you’re also going to try and squash people’s right to defend themselves.


See, for Milano, this represents deep thinking, her pathetic attempt at some kind of a gotcha moment.

The problem is, she doesn’t have the capacity to really “get” anyone with this. After all, much as she doesn’t understand guns or gun owners, she also doesn’t understand the anti-mask people.

For many, the issue isn’t whether they should wear a mask or not. No, the issue is that they’re being required to wear a mask, often without any consideration with regard to individual circumstances. Take a rape victim who had her mouth covered during her assault–and actual example presented to me before. Now, wearing a mask triggers her PTSD and makes breathing impossible. You’re telling me she should endure this just because it might make someone a little safer?

Another place where many have an issue with isn’t the guidance we should wear masks, but the inconsistency. Many of us remember being told that masks weren’t effective and we shouldn’t bother with them. Now they’re the only thing keeping the human race alive?

Meanwhile, I can also show you a number of people who would likely have been dead without their AR-15s. I can present concrete examples of people whose lives were saved explicitly because they had that particular weapon at hand when the moment arised.


The truth is that many of the “anti-maskers” are actually being consistent with regard to their rights. They want their guns and their freedom to choose their own paths. That includes whether they wear a mask or not. That’s something Alyssa Milano will never understand. She’s used to playing pretend to such a degree that she forgets that real people have real issues and like to make decisions for themselves, not just do what a director tells them to do.

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