What Georgia Senate Results Means For Everyone

I’m a Georgian, born and bred. The only time I ever lived in another state was when I served in the Navy. I’ve always had pride in my home state, usually reserved for Texans.



But, the results of Tuesday’s elections have me concerned, especially after the state flipped for Biden.

My formerly red state is now looking awfully blueish. In addition to the obvious impact of a 50-50 Senate, it’s likely to have ramifications when we hold statewide elections in two years and potentially elsewhere.

In particular, gone are the days when a candidate couldn’t voice anti-gun opinions and have a shot in hell of winning. Georgia has been a pretty pro-gun state for quite a while, where even people in cities like Atlanta held their gun rights as precious.

Yet both Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock took a completely different tact. They followed the Stacey Abrams playbook and went after guns, yet unlike the former gubernatorial candidate, they won on that platform.

That means two years from now, we’ll find out just how blue the state has become.

Frankly, I’m not feeling optimistic.

Yet that’s just one state. While Georgia is a large state, it’s still only one state. The influence the state exerts is limited, to be sure. I’m fine with that.

What I’m not fine with is how this could be used as a roadmap for other states.

Sure, plenty of people thought Virginia was the roadmap, but Virginia was always in a weird position. It’s proximity to DC meant it was going to have a different set of rules than most other states did. Things were going to work there that wouldn’t work anywhere else. It was never a matter of if Virginia was going to turn blue, but when. The only real shock was that it took that long for the beltway crowd to flip the state.


But Georgia is different. We don’t have DC adjacent to our borders. We’re surrounded by other red states, so any spillover should make the state redder, not less.

Yet where are we now?

Now my two new senators and I agree on pretty much nothing. I have no reason to step into their offices to talk to them about issues because they don’t represent me. They don’t care to represent me. They want my guns, and I don’t want to give them up. There is no compromise possible.

And don’t think for a moment they’re going to settle for just Georgia.

Texas? You’re next.

Of course, they tried to flip Texas this year, and it didn’t work. Not even close, which may mean the state has a lot further to fall before anti-gun voices can get enough of a toehold to really do anything.

Yet don’t think for a moment it’s not coming. Texans report more and more Californians infiltrating the state. They’re leaving behind sky-high taxes and a ridiculous cost of living, but they’re bringing with them the exact same political beliefs that created those conditions in the first place. They’re looking to turn Texas blue.

And now, unfortunately, Georgia has shown them how to do it.

It may be too late for us, but it’s not too late for anyone else.

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