More Maine Towns Consider Sanctuary Status

AP Photo/Lisa Marie Pane

The Northeast tends to be one of the most liberal blocks in the United States, competing with the West Coast for that title. It’s kind of hard not to look at them as almost alien to the rest of the nation. After all, that’s the area that gave us some of the most oppressive gun laws in the nation.


However, one should always be reminded that not everyone up that way is a gun grabber.

It seems a number of communities in Maine are looking to join the Second Amendment sanctuary movement.

Red flag laws, invasive gun registration initiatives and a growing fear of proposed legislative firearms restrictions have spawned a burgeoning Second Amendment sanctuary movement intent on preserving the “right to keep and bear arms.”

And while there are only two such designated towns in Maine — Fort Fairfield and Paris — more local governments are considering passing gun sanctuary resolutions.

“Brownfield just called me about it,” said Rusty Brackett, chairman of Paris Maine’s select board.

And Fort Fairfield town leaders said several towns have asked to see their resolution after the council declared Fort Fairfield a Second Amendment sanctuary in January.

So, what is a Second Amendment sanctuary?

While the pronouncements vary, these gun safe havens — declared by towns, cities, counties, states and sheriffs around the nation — are basically created through local resolutions, ordinances and, in some cases, state laws, aimed at pushing back against state and federal gun control measures passed or proposed.


And if more and more communities make their opposition to gun control known, it’s only a matter of time before someone sits up and takes notice.

See, there’s this warped mentality that gun control is what the majority of the American public wants. They hold up polling that says as much while ignoring polling that shows those claims to be total BS.

Yet if it turned out that most communities in the nation desperately want nothing to do with gun control, then maybe someone might start taking the hint.

While we are currently having a surge in violent crime, there are absolutely no links to suggest gun control would have done a damn thing to prevent it. These criminals aren’t using recently purchased guns. They’re using stolen and black market guns. New gun control laws won’t do a damn thing to help anyone.

But what it will do is hinder law-abiding citizens trying to exercise their own constitutionally-protected rights.

By setting up sanctuary communities throughout the nation, these communities are making an important stand, even if they may be on some legally shaky ground.


It won’t necessarily protect their citizens from the impact of the new gun laws, but it will help, at least.

After all, if progressive cities can ignore immigration laws and if entire states can opt to ignore certain drug laws, then why can’t certain communities opt to preserve our gun rights by ignoring unconstitutional gun laws? I mean, it makes sense to me. The left is who started this whole thing, so why not?

Good on these Maine communities. May they embrace sanctuary status and may many others follow their lead.

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