Op-Ed Shows How It'll Never Be Enough For Gun Control Advocates

Op-Ed Shows How It'll Never Be Enough For Gun Control Advocates
AP Photo/Andrew Selsky

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau passed some pretty harsh gun control requirements with the stroke of a pen. It’s the kind of thing that can’t happen in the United States, but it’s happened in Canada. Many up that way are still furious at what transpired, too. After all, an entire category of guns banned by fiat in what is supposed to be a democratic nation.

I can understand why they’re miffed. If something like that happened here in the U.S., people would probably have gotten shot by now. Canada doesn’t roll like that, though, so they’re just voicing their displeasure.

Yet despite that, it seems that some people don’t think Trudeau went far enough.

As a traumatised nation searched for answers, Trudeau quickly banned 1,500 assault-style weapons, subject to a two-year amnesty, and promised further measures, which were delayed by the pandemic and eventually tabled this week. “You don’t need an AR-15 to bring down a deer,” he famously said at the time.

Yet, in September, more than 800 gun owners from across Canada marched on parliament demanding Trudeau’s measures be scrapped. A parliamentary petition to that effect, launched by a Conservative MP, attracted more than 230,000 signatures, blitzing records. A group that represents gun owners even challenged the ban in court, arguing that it was unconstitutional and victimised responsible gun owners.

Gun-control campaigners, who see Trudeau’s measures as toothless, are equally angry. Why, they ask, make a buy-back programme voluntary? After the Christchurch massacre in 2019, New Zealand began buying back guns on a compulsory basis, surely proving that it can be done.

Why, also, allow municipalities to ban handguns, rather than boldly banning them nationwide? While a number of cities, including Vancouver and Ottawa, intend to do so, challenges lie ahead. Neighbouring municipalities might not do so, creating room for confusion. Two provinces, Saskatchewan and Alberta, intend to bar cities from making their own gun laws, rendering the policy useless.

In other words, as bad as Trudeau’s gun ban was, it’s not nearly enough.

While the author tries to draw comparisons to the United States and points out there are key differences, namely that our rights are protected by the Second Amendment, we’ve seen how little that deters our own domestic gun grabbers. They desperately want our guns and they won’t stop until they have them all.

No, I don’t care what they say about not wanting all the guns. What I know is that like in Canada, nothing will ever be enough. There’s no line that anti-gun activists will point to and say that’s too far except for a total gun ban. They only say that because they know no one else wants that and they don’t want to alienate moderates who may support a few measures but would never go as far as a total ban.

At least, not now.

Their hope has always been to shift the Overton window more and more until Americans are comfortable with a gun ban. They just know they can’t make such a thing happen overnight, so they focus on incremental changes. Right now, they want an assault weapon ban. Later, they’ll ban semi-automatic rifles in their totality, maybe even semi-automatic handguns. Then they’ll go after “sniper rifles” or something similar. Then they’ll roll back more and more rights until you’ve got nothing left.

It’ll never be enough for them. They’ll use every firearm-related offense to justify more and more restrictions until, at best, we’re like the UK.

Sorry, but that’s a hard pass for me.

Throughout the 20th Century, gun owners gave up their rights in the name of public safety, and public safety didn’t improve. It wasn’t until we started re-liberalizing gun laws that we began to see public safety improve. This is a fact that anti-gunners don’t want you to know, but it’s also the truth.

It’ll never be enough for them, but nothing short of all our rights restored will ever be enough for some of us, either.


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