3 Arrested With Guns And Drugs Because Banning Things Always Works

3 Arrested With Guns And Drugs Because Banning Things Always Works

Banning guns, some will claim, will eliminate guns from our streets. They’re sure of it. They’re so sure of it that they really do want to see firearms banned entirely. They don’t even want police to have them after a certain point. Yep, they’re that sure of gun bans being effective.

The technical name for such people is “morons.”

Of course, most anti-gunners deny being in this camp. They claim they don’t want gun bans, just gun control. However, if gun control were half as effective as they claimed, then wouldn’t the tight restrictions on drugs be just as effective?

And yet, we find not just failures of current gun laws but also failures of drug laws often in conjunction with one another.

Bibb County deputies arrested three suspects with drugs and stolen guns on Wednesday.

According to the sheriff’s office, law enforcement served a search warrant at an apartment at Grey Parc Apartments on Gray Hwy.

Deputies found a pound of marijuana and two handguns. In checking the weapons through the National Crime Information Center, investigators learned one of the guns had been stolen from Texas and the other had been stolen in Bibb County.

The sheriff’s office said 22-year-old Brandon Pat’Shion Mitchell, his brother 26-year-old Dausha Verlyntae Mitchell, and 23-year-old Tadarrius DeShawn Antwan Berrian were arrested.

All three were charged with not just possession of a firearm by a felon, but possession of stolen property for the handguns. That’s right, they were stolen firearms.

Please contain your shock.

I mean, we tend to think of drug dealers–and with that quantity, we’re not talking about recreational use here–are usually such law-abiding sorts. I mean, they even help little old ladies cross the street, right?

Yet if gun control worked, wouldn’t drug control work as well? Marijuana is illegal in the state of Georgia where this took place, which means they were breaking a whole bunch of state and federal laws just by having it. They were likely looking to sell it as well, which means all those drug laws did jack to keep them from getting it.

As for the gun laws, well…stolen guns, remember? It’s not difficult to circumvent all that gun control when you either steal the guns or buy them from someone else who stole them.

This case isn’t unusual except perhaps for the fact that the weapons were reported stolen with serial numbers so they could be recovered. A lot of people do a poor job of retaining serial numbers on their weapons, so while they report them stolen, they don’t get them back and those who end up with the weapons escape the possession of stolen property charge.

Other than that, this is typical. It’s why gun control cannot and does not work. It’s well past time for anti-gunners to knock it off and start working with us to find solutions that can really reduce violence without interfering with our Second Amendment rights. They have no interest in that because it’s never been about violence for them, it’s about fearing an armed populace.