ND Lawmakers Move To Preserve Gun Rights In Their State

(AP Photo/Julie Jacobson, File)

With President Joe Biden having a fairly friendly Congress on his side, there was never any doubt we’d see gun control legislation. Further, unless Senate Republicans hold strong while filibustering any suck bills, they likely will pass and we’ll be stuck with these kinds of laws for the foreseeable future.


As a result, a number of states are trying to put measures in place just in case that happens.

North Dakota is among those numbers.

North Dakota legislators have introduced a collection of bills this session aimed at preserving gun rights in North Dakota, with some saying they fear new control measures from the Biden Administration.


One measure, HCR 3006, urges the federal government to protect Second Amendment rights. The resolution states any restriction on purchases or possession of firearms or ammunition, including excessive taxes or fees, would violate the U.S. Constitution. Rep. Jeffery Magrum, R-Hazelton, is a sponsor.


Numerous other bills were introduced in the name of protecting Second Amendment rights. All passed in the House and await action in the Senate.

  • HB 1272 would remove federal laws and regulation on personal firearms, accessories and ammunition that was made in the state and remains in the state.
  • HB 1396 would provide immunity against liability for physical or emotional injury, physical damage or death for firearm and ammunition manufacturers.
  • HB 1297 would limit the penalty for possessing a firearm or dangerous weapon at a school or school-sponsored event, a place of worship or a publicly owned and operated building to a noncriminal offense with a fee of $50.
  • HB 1282 would provide a pathway for the Legislature to nullify federal law. The bill would create a committee that would review federal law, regulation or executive order. Some legislators said this could be a way to defeat possible regulations from the Biden Administration.

Honestly, these resolutions are fine and I like the states telling the federal government where they stand, but it’s not like Biden or any anti-gun lawmaker in Congress is likely to listen.

Yet these other four bills, however, are something different. These are concrete measures that protect gun owners. Especially HB 1282, which sure as hell does look like a committee that would nullify federal law if it seeks to undermine residents’ Second Amendment rights, while also not blocking any positive gun laws. What matters is whether the committee will have any teeth.

That remains to be seen.

As it stands now, gun owners find themselves in the crosshairs. We’re under assault by our own government. It’s well past time we start fighting back, and if it’s got to happen at the state level, then so be it. North Dakota is laying the positive groundwork to protect gun rights in their state regardless of what Biden may try.

He can pass federal laws, but a lot of states are making it clear they’ll be ignoring them, and that’s a huge win for freedom. After all, laws that are unenforced are just words on a page. Second Amendment Sanctuaries may not be as good as preventing bad bills from becoming bad laws, but we take what we can get.



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