Editorial Against Guns In Schools Nothing More Than Fearmongering

(AP Photo/Philip Kamrass, File)

Every time there’s a mass shooting in a school, a piece of me dies. I mean, as a parent, I can’t help but think of my own children.

Gun control advocates like to claim the same thing. They then use the bodies of the slain to try and advance their agenda, an agenda that has nothing to do with the tragedy they’re trying to capitalize on.


For me, though, a piece dies because we know how to stop a lot of this, and that’s by allowing armed teachers and staff to carry firearms on campus. After all, mass murderers are still carrying them.

In Idaho, some people who work in schools are calling for the opportunity to carry a firearm. It seems at least one newspaper doesn’t like that idea.

When she’s not serving in the Idaho Legislature, Rep. Kerry Hanks, R-St. Anthony, drives a school bus for her local district.

She’d like to be carrying heat when she does it.

“I would appreciate that opportunity to legally carry to protect my students,” Hanks said. “Driving down the road, somebody could jump in the back easily.”

Much the same goes for Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger, R-Lewiston. When he’s not busy in Boise, von Ehlinger works as a substitute teacher.

He, too, wants a concealed firearm at his ready.

“I absolutely believe that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” he said.

If you’re a parent and that makes you nervous, time is running short. Already, Hanks, von Ehlinger and 50 House Republicans — including all five of von Ehlinger’s colleagues from north central Idaho — have approved a bill that gives any school employee with an enhanced concealed carry permit the right to bring his weapon of choice to work.


The author makes it clear that he’s not a fan of staff members carrying firearms and tries to use his or her platform to warn parents to take action.

However, there’s a counterpoint that the editorial (unsurprisingly) fails to address, and that’s how this is already law in a number of states, including neighboring Utah, and has been for ages. What kind of problems have they run into?

Well, none really.

In fact, there haven’t been any kinds of problems, up to and including mass shootings, at any of these schools. It’s almost like the would-be school shooters don’t want to get shot themselves, so they simply don’t try it. That couldn’t be it, though, could it?

Nah. That would make way too much sense, and we can’t have that, now can we?

I’m sure it’s an absolute coincidence, much like how there haven’t been any issues with armed teachers and staff at countless schools throughout the nation, including any number who didn’t have to go through special training just to carry a weapon for self-defense.

The media of all levels likes to fearmonger about this, probably because they’re terrified of the world around them, but there’s absolutely nothing to fear with armed staff.


Unless, of course, you’re a potential mass shooter, in which case you absolutely should be afraid.


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