Canadians Lash Out At Country's Assault Weapon Ban

Canadians Lash Out At Country's Assault Weapon Ban
(AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

Canada isn’t the United States. While we may be hard to tell apart in a lot of ways, Canada is a whole other country than the United States and while our pop culture overlaps, there are also significant differences between our two nations.

One of which is how we view guns.

See, while we have the Second Amendment and we’re also vigilant in defending the rights preserved in that amendment. They don’t have that. As a result, firearms ownership isn’t viewed as a right by most people–they don’t get that our Second Amendment doesn’t grant rights, it preserves the rights we have by virtue of being free men and women–and so the government sees nothing in rolling back those rights.

Especially when the prime minister is dodging a brown-face scandal.

However, Canadians aren’t universally rolling over. They’re calling out the stupidity.

I have been a legal, responsible gun owner since my early teens.

I’m a hunter, not a criminal, and certainly not the cause of gun crime.

I am tired of being a patsy for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government, which knows law-abiding gun owners aren’t the problem, even as it targets us to win votes from Canadians who can’t be blamed for knowing little about firearms.

Trudeau knows full well that enacting hollow pieces of legislation like Bill C-21 deflects heat away from his troubling failures such as the WE scandal,out-of-control pandemic spending, and inept management of acquiring COVID-19 vaccines.

Last May, his government cobbled together a list of 1,500 guns that “look like” assault weapons.

Saying firearms “look like” assault weapons doesn’t make them so, yet it was enough to grab the attention of a gun-frightened public.

The Mossberg 715T, for example, looks mean and assault-like, but once you get beyond its exterior and look at the innards, you find it’s just a .22-calibre rifle, the kind that has long been used to knock tin cans off fence posts.A sheep in wolf’s clothing you might say.

The Liberals are orchestrating an ugly deception affecting hundreds of thousands of law-abiding gun owners, and it’s not the only example.

By the time Trudeau introduced Bill C-21, the banned list of guns had grown to nearly 2,000, with the help of the RCMP.

And make no mistake, while our two nations have differences, we do have Americans who look at what’s happening in Canada and hoping to replicate such a scheme here in the United States. That includes lumping in firearms that simply look like scary guns.

Considering how ignorant some of these people can be about which guns to freak out about, it’s unlikely to just stop at the venerable AR-15.

The 1994 ban focused on cosmetic features. The Canadian ban really does as well, though it seems to use those features as the basis for inclusion on the list more than just banning guns with X number of “evil features.”

Proposed bans here in the U.S. do the same, just decreasing the number of “evil features” required for a weapon to become an assault weapon. Nevermind that crime was trending down before the ban and continued to trend down after the ban lapsed. We simply have to DO SOMETHING (TM).

That’s the thinking in Canada following a rampage shooting in Nova Scotia, and it’s the thinking here every time someone farts in the wrong direction.

Yet much like Canada, the politicians making the laws aren’t actually focused on just how little impact such measures will have on actual crime.


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