Colbert Suggests Guns Should Be Regulated Like Cars, Alcohol

(Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP,File)

The idea of casting comedians as late-night hosts is nothing new. Perhaps the greatest was Johnny Carson. He was genuinely funny without being mean and he also took a fairly hands-off approach to politics. Oh, he might have joked about it, but he was equal opportunity with his efforts and so everyone just rolled with it.

Those days are over, though. For the most part, today’s late-night hosts are nothing but mouthpieces for the left. They think they’re both comedians and policy wonks.

Unfortunately for them, they don’t really understand any of the topics they’re railing about. Take Stephen Colbert, for example.

Stephen Colbert used most of his monologue Tuesday to express his sadness and frustration over the lack of gun control in the U.S. following a gunman killing 10 people in a Boulder, Colorado, grocery store in the same week another gunman killed eight people in Atlanta, Georgia.

The late night host proceeded to turn his ire toward the inaction of politicians over gun control, calling out particularly Republican Sen. John Kennedy of  Louisiana, who Colbert noted is already trying to change the conversation to the problem with drunk drivers in America.

“OK, I’ll take that deal,” Colbert said. “Let’s regulate guns the way we regulate alcohol and cars. You have to be 21. You have to pass a test to have a license. You have to have registration and insurance for your gun. If you move to a new state, you have to do the whole damn thing over again. And you can’t go out loaded.”

**cracks knuckles**

OK, Sparky, you want to go there? Alright, let’s go there.

First, cars and alcohol are under completely different rules, so it’s easy to see you’re cherry-picking the rules you prefer to try and make it look good. You really should pick one or the other, but then again, that wouldn’t work out well for you in the first place.

After all, at 16 you’re able to operate a car pretty much anywhere you want without parental oversight. You can also purchase one without any kind of criminal background check. Also, while you’re required to have a license to operate a vehicle on public roads, you don’t need to even show one when you purchase a vehicle.

Meanwhile, buying alcohol doesn’t require you to pass any test–you have to show ID after all, but a driver’s license isn’t actually required–and again, there’s no criminal background check carried out.

Further, no one is trying to limit how often you can buy alcohol or cars. No one is trying to restrict the capacity of your alcohol or how much gas your car can hold.

Attorneys general from numerous states aren’t trying to stop you from building your own cars, either. And you’d be amazed how easy it is to make your own alcohol at home–not just brewing beer or making wine, either–and no one is trying to stop that.

No state or locality requires you to keep your cars in a locked garage or your booze in a secured bar.

Oh, and there are no rules prohibiting you from selling your car to a friend or giving your buddies a drink.

But Colbert doesn’t know about any of this. That’s because he’s a comedian who lives in a political bubble and couldn’t be bothered to actually find out what the hell he is talking about. If he’s serious about treating firearms like we do alcohol or cars, then he clearly doesn’t understand anything about the laws already on the books, because a lot of us would jump at the opportunity to switch that up.


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