Arkansas 2A Sanctuary Bill Advances

(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson, File)

All throughout the nation, states and communities are making a stand.

See, with the election of Joe Biden to the White House, our gun rights are under threat like never before. He ran on gun control and while I’m genuinely surprised he hasn’t already signed a pile of anti-gun executive orders, we all know it’s just a matter of time.


So, many states and communities have decided they’re not playing the anti-gun game.

Arkansas has a bill that will make them one of those states and it just advanced.

Senate lawmakers advanced two bills Tuesday that together would block local law enforcement in Arkansas from enforcing nearly all federal gun laws and regulations.

The pair of bills — Senate Bills 298 and 59 — passed easily out of the Republican-dominated Senate Committee on City, County and Local Affairs, where several members expressed the belief that the federal government under President Joe Biden is planning to enact far-reaching gun control policies and confiscation.

The first of the bills advanced in the Senate, SB298, by Sen. Gary Stubblefield, R-Branch, is titled the “Arkansas Sovereignty Act of 2021.” It would prohibit any law enforcement in the state from cooperating with federal authorities to enforce federal gun regulations or any other federal law that “infringes” on rights under the Arkansas Constitution. Police in the state would be subject to criminal penalties and fines for working with federal authorities in violation of the proposed state law.

The other bill, SB59, by Sen. Bob Ballinger, R-Ozark, would declare that certain firearms manufactured, sold and kept within the state of Arkansas would not be subject to federal regulation.

The measure would not apply to machine guns, black powder weapons or guns that need to be handled by at least two people.


Well, that sucks. I want crew-served weapons for dealing with certain pests in my neighborhood.

Yes, I actually hate squirrels that much.

Anyway, moving on, these are great bills that I hope the state passes and are signed into law. They’re a clear signal that Arkansas is another state that will not side with Biden and his anti-gun agenda.

While SB 58 looks to be on solid legal ground, I still have questions as to whether SB 59 would actually survive a legal challenge if it’s put into law, but to me that’s not the important thing about it. The important thing is the message it sends.

Even if a court were to declare that these measures violate the Constitution, they’re still indicative of the fact that people are willing to resist totalitarian extremism, including gun control. They’re just the next step in resistance. If this doesn’t work, we’ll try something else. If gun control advocates think that Second Amendment supporters are just going to roll over and accept their attempts to turn our right to keep and bear arms into a crime, they should take a look at what Arkansas and other states like Texas, Oklahoma, and Wyoming are doing.


We’re sending the warnings. All anyone on the other side has to do is listen and recognize that we’re not bluffing.


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