Texas Gun Control Activists Ask For 2A Restrictions

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Texas is one of the states Michael Bloomberg was convinced he could flip blue. For the anti-gun billionaire, it would have been a huge coup if he could have pulled it off. After all, Texas is thought of as being very pro-gun, the spiritual heart of the pro-gun movement, at least to the public at large. Making it a Democratic state would have been a big win.


Yeah. That…uh…that didn’t happen.

Like, at all.

Still, some anti-gunners are still trying to push their state to enact policies that pretty much no one there wants.

Tuesday, Texas gun control advocates plan to put a spotlight on bills that would create stricter state laws surrounding firearms. It follows the recent mass shootings around the country, and amid an uptick in gun violence here at home.

These groups will be pushing for what they call common-sense gun reforms being considered at the Texas Capitol this legislative session. Among their priorities, gun control advocates want to see universal background checks–meaning nearly every gun sale in Texas would be subject to a background check.

Another bill they are supporting is one that would establish “extreme risk protection orders” allowing judges to restrict access to guns for people deemed to be at risk of suicide or homicide. Advocates also want to renew funding for the Texas Department of Public Safety’s safe firearm storage campaign, and to have information about gun safety to be given to those approved to buy them.

The groups, Giffords and Texas Gun Sense, argue that these proposals are necessary and point to the two recent mass shootings as evidence.

Of course, they fail to note that Colorado has pretty much all of this crap and how did that work out again? I seem to remember 10 people being killed, including a Boulder police officer, despite all the gun control the state has enacted since the shooting in Aurora back in 2012.


Enacting this in Texas wouldn’t work any better than it did in Colorado.

Then again, it’s not really about that anymore, now is it? It’s not about stopping mass shootings because, as we’ve seen, mass shootings don’t stop just because a state has passed a pile of gun control laws. Even the mental midgets at Giffords should be able to see that.

I’m starting to come around to the idea that all of this is really just to acclimate people into accepting greater and greater infringements on their rights.

Regardless, though, I just don’t see this flying in Texas. Sure, there are people on the right who agree with universal background checks and/or with red flag laws, but is it enough to justify earning the ire of their constituents? I’m willing to bet the answer is no. As such, these calls are worse than dead on arrival.

Which is good. We need to focus our attention on so many other places right now it’s downright ridiculous. The last thing we need is to have to worry about Texas, too.

But it just goes to show that this bunch isn’t giving up, so neither should we.

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