Anti-Gun Activists Say Biden's Gun Funding Not Enough

Anti-Gun Activists Say Biden's Gun Funding Not Enough
AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

President Joe Biden is going to have to do something to appease the hounds baying at his heels.

The gun control crowd is demanding the White House do something to address the mass shootings that have taken place all across the nation. From Atlanta to Boulder to Orange, California, we’ve seen a series of them and the usual suspects are, of course, blaming guns. They got Biden elected, now they want something for their troubles.

Now, Biden has done something, and while they’re appreciative, they also say it’s not enough.

Gun control advocates are pushing President Biden to take more aggressive action on gun violence following three deadly mass shootings in as many weeks.

Democrats and outside groups are praising the $5 billion for community violence prevention programs tucked into the president’s massive infrastructure package, which was unveiled Wednesday and is likely to get the next big legislative push on Capitol Hill.

But they say more must be done.

House Democrats this week urged Biden to take executive action to subject concealed assault-style weapons to more federal regulation. And others raised pressure on Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) to promptly schedule votes on two bills the lower chamber passed last month to expand background checks.

“The extraordinary investment proposed by the Biden-Harris administration would save countless lives in communities that are most affected by gun violence,” said John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety. “To meaningfully reduce gun violence, we have to both close the loopholes in our gun laws and invest in proven solutions. Congress should move quickly on both tracks to deliver the results the public deserves.”

Please tell me I’m not the only one who laughs when gun control activists talk about “proven solutions.”

I mean, is there anything that’s more proven to not work than gun control at this point? After all, it wasn’t until states started repealing gun control laws that we saw crime decrease. In fact, every measure they back has been shown to simply not work over and over again, and they’re sitting there talking about “proven solutions?”

It’s sadly hilarious.

Or it would be if there wasn’t a strong chance that Biden would actually listen, particularly on AR pistols.

The problems with violence in this nation are real, to be sure, but their roots are complex. It’s most likely a combination of culture and poverty, something not easily solved, especially with knee-jerk reaction-driven legislation and regulations. It takes careful study. Brave study, even, because the results might not be politically popular.

We have to understand the causes of violence if we’re going to address violence in a meaningful way.

As it stands, all that will happen is law-abiding citizens will be deprived of firearms that the criminals already have, will continue to have. We’ll be at a disadvantage, lives may be lost, and these people will be applauding themselves for killing people. What’s worse, though, is that no one in the anti-gun mainstream media will question them. No one at all.