Canadians All But Begging For Stricter Gun Laws

(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Canada can look from the outside much like the United States. After all, our television shows can be swapped around to some degree without anyone really being able to tell much of a difference. Actors from up that way come down here and it’s difficult to tell they’re not from here. Same with musicians–and we’re not letting them off the hook over Justin Bieber, either.


There are a lot of similarities.

But there are key differences as well. One is their tolerance for gun control. Already, they’ve accepted levels of gun control that would have sparked all kinds of nastiness here in the U.S., and while they don’t like it, they’re not rising up like we probably would.

Worse, though, it seems two-thirds of the country don’t think they’ve got far enough.

A new survey by Leger Marketing has examined the issue of gun control in Canada and the United States. 38% of the 678 Canadian homicides in 2019 were gun-related; the rate of gun deaths in the U.S. is 8 times higher than that of Canada. Recently introduced federal gun control legislation, Bill C-21, includes a voluntary buy-back program for assault weapons that were prohibited in May 2020.

According to the poll results, 66% of Canadians believe gun control should be tighter in their country. Conversely, a lower percentage of Americans feel the same way (60%).

Now, we also need to compare those numbers to existing gun laws.

After all, Canada just rammed through an “assault weapon ban” and has tried all sorts of things that aren’t even on the table here in the United States. They’ve done national registries, banned handguns with 4-inch barrels or smaller, among other things. These aren’t even up for discussion here, and yet more Canadians want stricter gun laws.


Of course, this poll also argued that half of all Americans want an assault weapon ban. Most don’t realize that a ban won’t really be a ban and will likely just restrict cosmetic features and someone will figure out how to give us basically the same weapon that complies with the rules.

We did it before and we’ll do it again.

In Canada, though, they don’t have our Second Amendment. For some up that way, that means gun rights don’t exist in the country. They fail to understand that our rights exist outside of those amendments. They existed before them. They’re merely protected by the Bill of Rights. Our Founding Fathers merely recognized what was already ours.

That means those rights exist in Canada, too, even if the Canadian government hasn’t seen fit to recognize that fact.

And that’s a problem for us.

After all, how many times do you hear about how we should be more like Canada, or England, or Australia when it comes to guns? Americans don’t even recognize the right to keep and bear arms, even if they bother to pay lip service to it. The more the balance is tipped toward gun control in those countries, the loud the voices in our own become.


Right now, though, it doesn’t seem like most are ready to go quite down that road just yet, but it’s only a matter of time.


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