Anti-Gunner Laments SC's Pro-Gun Push By Warping Reality

MikeGunner / Pixabay

Once upon a time, this nation had no gun control laws. The closest thing to it was an old law that required people to have a firearm for militia use. That was it.


Over time, though, that changed. People pushed for gun control, first to disarm black men and women so they could be pushed around more easily, then later because they genuinely believed that gun control somehow worked against criminals.

The rights weren’t lost overnight, though. It happened over time.

For one South Carolina anti-gunner, though, that apparently didn’t happen.

The House vote on Wednesday inviting all South Carolinians to proudly pack a handgun on their hip — no training required, background check demanded or questions asked — was driven by the idea that it’s time to take back our Second Amendment rights from a government that has been steadily chipping away at them.

The reality is, well, different.

Set aside the federal government, where modest congressional restrictions have been more than outweighed by a breathtaking pro-gun reversal of long-established Supreme Court precedent, and other states, whose laws have no bearing on South Carolina, and consider our state’s history.

A quarter-century ago, the only South Carolinians who could legally carry guns were police and 2,700 other people who passed a criminal background check and demonstrated to SLED that they had a legitimate business need for them. They included  people who had to make large bank deposits for their businesses, for instance, and of course judges and legislators because, well, SLED is a state agency.

With rare exceptions, though, the past 25 years have been a headlong rush to further liberalize our gun laws.


So, basically, what we need to understand is that history started 25 years ago.

That’s the reality this author seems to want people to take away from this. You’re older than 25? Doesn’t matter. History started 25 years ago.

Never mind the decades upon decades of encroaching gun control, both at the federal and state levels. Never mind that our default state as a nation is zero gun control. Oh no, none of that matters because that didn’t happen. History began a quarter of a century ago.

Honestly, claiming that the reality of encroaching gun control in past years is different requires one to actually show that gun control never actually encroached on anything.

Then the author has the audacity to point out a prime example of encroached gun control as if it just spontaneously came out of the blue. Unless those requirements existed in South Carolina’s first state constitution, you can’t pretend they didn’t encroach on gun rights in the state. If they’d been there that long, she might have a point, but they weren’t. They came from somewhere.

That’s encroaching gun control chipping away at the rights of South Carolinians.

The fact that the gun rights groups have taken back ground over the last 25 years doesn’t mean the previous decades somehow didn’t exist. Pretending they didn’t is either disingenuous or just downright stupid.


But then again, the last thing the anti-gunners want to acknowledge at any level is how their push toward more and more gun control coincided with a spike in violent crime that only began tapering off once states started expanding gun rights. Once more guns were on the streets and in the hands of law-abiding citizens, we began seeing crime drop.

They won’t acknowledge that tidbit, but it’s there.

It’s just before history began 25 years ago, so it’s not going to get mentioned.

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