Rashida Tlaib Calls For An End To Policing

AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Rep. Rashida Tlaib isn’t someone you go to for a soundbite if you’re looking for calm, reasoned arguments. The Squad member is, like most of the rest of her gaggle, known for hyperbolic rhetoric.


Frankly, she sounds insane much of the time, but her latest bought of insanity suggests she really is nuts.

So, basically, Tlaib is advocating for anarchy.

After all, laws without enforcement are nothing but words on a page. They’re useless in and of themselves. In order to make them useful, there has to be some degree of enforcement. Yet Tlaib isn’t just calling for an end to policing, but also incarceation. In other words, people who commit horrible acts of violence shouldn’t be made to pay for their crimes.


Tlaib wasn’t alone, either. One of her fellow Squad members had to jump in.

Of course, invoking slave patrols is meant to rile people up. The problem with this is that policing doesn’t start with slavery and never has. The first centrally-organized police force was formed under King Louis XIV of France in 1667 in Paris.


That wasn’t exactly a hotbed of slavery.

But when has the left ever let history get in the way of a good narrative?

Yet what neither of these folks seems to do is offer an alternative.

Far too often, if you oppose a regulation the left loves, they ask you want you would replace it with. This is often a disingenuous tactic designed to put you on the defensive. You can’t think universal healthcare is a bad idea unless you have an alternative that isn’t the current system.

In this case, though, I ask because I understand that just simply doing away with law enforcement in this country is going to cause far more problems than their presence might. Yes, people may die at the hands of police officers, even those who may not necessarily deserve it. It’s awful when it happens.

How many more will die if people can murder someone then go about their lives like nothing ever happened. They won’t be arrested, they won’t be incarcerated, nothing. Do you think they won’t kill again and again?

What about mass shootings? Imagine if the Parkland killer had been able to slaughter everyone left in the school, then just went home.

Because that is what Tlaib is calling for unless she provides an alternative, and don’t give me this crap about social workers. That kid in Parkland would have slaughtered an army of social workers and we all know it.


But what does Tlaib care? She’s trying to score a political point by calling each and every police officer in this country a racist, saying the entire system that tries its best to keep our streets free from criminals is racist.

If she wants to see racism, remove police officers from our streets for good. At that point, you’ll see actual racism take place and on a massive scale, but it won’t be the way she imagines it. It won’t be white lynch mobs going through town.

At least, it won’t be at first.

Frankly, no one really wants that. After all, none of us can be sure we’d survive it. What would happen, though, is a lot more bodies would be hitting the ground.

All because someone doesn’t really understand policing in this country.

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