Anti-Cop Rashida Tlaib Also Anti-Gun

(AP Photo/Al Goldis, File)

On Wednesday, we reported about how Rep. Rashida Tlaib called for the abolition of policing in this country. Tlaib and others seem to believe that policing and incarceration are inherently racist and want to do away with it forever. That’s kind of funny since they also want to restrict your gun rights.

See, this is funny because if you don’t have police out there trying to keep criminals in check, then you’re going to see a lot more criminals. Many of those are going to be armed, much as they are right now.

Meanwhile, Tlaib would also restrict your right to keep and bear arms. She’s openly in favor of gun control.

So, if I understand Tlaib’s positions correctly, only the police should have guns, but the police also shouldn’t exist.

Of course, that leads me to wonder just who in the hell will deal with criminals engaged in violent crime throughout our communities if we don’t have police and don’t have access to firearms with which to respond ourselves. Honestly, does Tlaib think criminals will just magically disappear if there’s no one to enforce our laws?

Well, OK, maybe they will…but only because we’ll effectively have no laws to speak of. You can’t break the law if the law doesn’t exist.

Only, the law will still exist, there just won’t be anyone to enforce it.

If there’s an upside to this, it means there also won’t be anyone to enforce gun laws either, so machine guns and suppressors for everyone! WOOHOO!

That’s probably a good thing because in Tlaib’s Utopia would be a nightmarish hellscape.

At least her fellow Squad member, Rep. Ilhan Omar, would feel right at home. I mean, she’s from Somalia originally and Tlaib’s suggestion would turn the U.S. into Somalia in a heartbeat.

Honestly, I have to wonder if these people really stop and think of how their various positions stand at odds with one another. Then again, I don’t think Tlaib really wants to abolish policing. She’s just voicing an approved opinion to signal to the masses that’s she’s one of them. There’s no way she’ll vote to disband the Capitol Police, for example, or the ATF–could they support themselves with stuffed dog toys, maybe?–and I doubt she’ll actually do anything to disband any other law enforcement agency either.

She’s talking smack because there are no ramifications for her doing so.

But it’s imperative that people like this get called out for their inconsistency. Maybe if people understand that people like Tlaib are saying they don’t want you able to protect yourself, but they also don’t want the police to be in a position to protect you or anyone else, they’ll start to wake up and realize that the only people Tlaib is saying she wants to empower are the criminals.

That’s all it boils down to, and she needs to answer for that. The problem is, the mainstream media won’t hold her accountable for it. Hell, they agree with her on it. So, that means it’s up to us to do it.


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