UK Stalking Victim's Murder Why Second Amendment Matters

UK Stalking Victim's Murder Why Second Amendment Matters
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The Founding Fathers opted to protect our right to keep and bear arms in the Second Amendment not because of crime, but because of tyranny. They were sure that if the right to have guns wasn’t protected, a tyrannical government would ban them–something common throughout most of Europe even then–and then be able to trample the rest of our rights with us having no meaningful way to resist.

However, since then, we’ve found a new kind of tyranny. I call it the tyranny of the thug. It’s when evil individuals deprive you of your rights.

A case in the UK shows us why we should always be resistant to the restriction of our gun rights, especially if people saying to just trust the police to protect us.

Police officers in the United Kingdom will face disciplinary action after a young woman who was brutally murdered by her stalker was fined for reporting him to police, officials said.

Shana Grice, 19, was killed in August 2016 by an ex-boyfriend, Michael Lane, who was convicted of murder a year later and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Grice went to Sussex Police five times in six months to report Lane but, in most incidents, little to no action was taken against the man, an independent review found.

In one instance, Grice was “fined for wasting police time” after officers learned she and Lane had previously been in a relationship, the review by England and Wales’ Independent Office for Police Conduct found.

Two officers, one of whom has since retired, are slated to face gross misconduct proceedings overseen by an independent chair next month, Sussex Police said in a statement Wednesday.

Of course, that doesn’t do Grice a damn bit of good, now does it?

If the police are supposed to protect you, how much good does it do when they simply ignore your complaints? The police in the UK did jack-all to protect Grice, even fining her for reporting her stalker.

Yet this is the model so many anti-gunners want us to follow? Are you kidding me?

Imagine instead that Grice had been able to purchase a firearm. Then, when the police failed to take her seriously, she could have at least had a weapon with which to defend herself against her attacker. Rather than two officers facing gross misconduct proceedings that will accomplish nothing, they might have instead been able to explain to Grice why they didn’t take her seriously. They could even ask for forgiveness.

But they can’t because she’s dead.

Now, I’m not saying Grice would have bought a gun, even if she could have. What I am saying, though, is that Grice had no choice.

The police can’t protect you. Even if you find officers who desperately want to, there’s only so much they can do. It’s up to you to protect yourself, no matter what the elites may try to tell you. For that, though, you need a preserved right to keep and bear arms. Grice couldn’t overcome her attacker with her bare hands and neither can a lot of other people. We’re a tool-using species, after all, so use the best tool possible.

Get a gun and use it to keep you safe.

Gun control did jack-all to protect Shana Grice. It’ll do jack-all to protect you, either.

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