Ohio Bill Would Turn State Into Second Amendment Sanctuary

(AP Photo/John Locher)

Before President Joe Biden could get comfortable in office, we started seeing the rise of Second Amendment sanctuary states. We’d already seen these sanctuaries on the local level, but now states were starting to step up. We knew he’d push for gun control and states needed to be ready.


What’s more, we’re not close to seeing the end of the movement, either, apparently.

Ohio is the latest looking to join the ranks of sanctuary states.

 Ohio could become a Second Amendment Sanctuary State if House Bill 62 were to become law.

That would mean federal regulations on guns wouldn’t apply here.

House Bill 62 would make Ohio a Second Amendment Sanctuary State, meaning Ohio would have the power to nullify any federal law or court ruling that goes against the second amendment. This includes:

  • Tax on guns or ammunition
  • Registering or tracking guns and their owners
  • Any act forbidding gun ownership or transfer
  • Any act ordering the confiscation of guns

Rob Sexton, with the Buckeye Firearms Association, said the bill is a step to prevent a federal threat to gun ownership.

“Ohio is not going to participate in going down the road of taking away the gun rights of law-abiding people. I think they’re searching for solutions for how to best protect our rights as guaranteed by the constitution and this is their first attempt to provide that protection.”

Others oppose this bill and legal professionals question if it will stand up in court.

Of course, there are the questions of how such bills will handle legal challenge.

Then again, federalism is a thing, and it’s a thing that needs to be respected. Especially since this bill will put Ohio along with the other states that are protecting a right that’s supposed to be protected by the Constitution alone. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case over the years, which is why states are looking at becoming sanctuaries in the first place.


Look, I’m not happy to see this. More specifically, I’m not happy that I need to see this.

The situation we currently find ourselves in is one where we shouldn’t be. I get that people are upset by mass shootings, but gun control isn’t the answer to what are still statistically rare events. As awful as they are, they’re not exactly common occurrences.

Yet that doesn’t matter when you’re driven by emotions first and foremost. You see an incident, you react to that incident, and then you want to make it so that incident never happens again.

Only, it will.

All that happens with gun control is that the good guys have their lives made more difficult while the bad guys simply find ways around all of that.

Meanwhile, sanctuary bills, if they do nothing else, serve as a reminder that there are millions upon millions of people who do not support gun control and will not support gun control. These sanctuary states only account for a fraction of those millions. President Biden and the anti-gun members of Congress would do well to remember that.

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