Comparing Voting Laws To Guns A Losing Argument For The Left

Comparing Voting Laws To Guns A Losing Argument For The Left
(AP Photo/Lynne Sladky, File)

There’s been an awful lot said about voting laws as of late. Since this isn’t a voting law website, we tend to steer pretty well clear of it if we can. After all, it’s not our wheelhouse.

However, some people who know little about guns and gun laws and probably as much, if not less about voting laws, sometimes want to make their opinions known.

And really, comedy gold should be shared with one and all.

When will men (and women) of goodwill say “enough?”

Enough of the idiocy, inequity, inequality, ferocity and madness.

Just consider:

You need a picture ID to vote, but you can buy a weapon at any gun show without any proof.

See? This one is going to be good.

First of all, while you do need a picture ID to vote in many places, the idea that you can just walk into a gun show and buy a gun is an outright fabrication.

While you might meet up with a private party and negotiate the sale of a firearm at a gun show, you may also meet up with said private party at work, at the movies, at a sporting event, or any of a million other places. It has nothing to do with the gun show, but everything to do with the fact that these are private individuals making a legal transaction.

Besides, I’ve been to a number of gun shows where there weren’t any people trying to sell their personal firearms. Instead, there were vendors who are all licensed gun dealers and as such are required to conduct a background check and have the buyer fill out federally-required paperwork…that requires a picture ID.

Anti-gunners love to make this claim that there’s somehow this vast number of guns being sold without background checks, but that doesn’t conform with what anyone in the gun community itself sees. Most of us go to gun stores to buy our guns or from gun shows and buy from licensed vendors. We go through the check time and time again.

The problem is that the same people who want to make buying a gun more and more restrictive will pretend that any attempt to deal with voter fraud–be it actual or potential–is a horrible afront to all of our civil liberties.

Meanwhile, no one is talking about conducting a background check before you can vote. No one is talking about legally restricting how many people you can vote for in a single day. No one is talking about any of the plethora of other restrictions we see with our gun rights being applied to voting.

I’m sorry, but this tired refrain needs to die horribly. We’re all getting sick of it.

However, since the fact-checkers can’t be bothered to call Biden out on his blatant lie, we’re going to keep seeing people make this asinine argument that gun shows are somehow free for alls with no concern for gun laws.

Trust me, if that were the case, I’d go to a lot more gun shows.