'Ghost Gun' Arrest Proves Futility Of Such Bans

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, File

Anti-gunners have been on a ghost gun tirade lately. They don’t like them and they want to ban them so none of us can have them. That’s their thinking, anyway.

Many have claimed that such weapons are showing up more and more often at crime scenes. Often, these claims lack anything approaching hard data with which to evaluate the claims, of course.

However, even if the claims are accurate, recent arrests in Pennsylvania illustrate the futility of such bans.

Pennsylvania authorities announced charges against a couple last week after they found almost $1 million of methamphetamine, six ghost guns and Nazi paraphernalia in their home during a raid.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced the charges against the couple, Christopher Weikert and Tara Gallucci, on Friday after agents from the attorney general’s Bureau of Narcotics Investigations and officers of the State Police Special Emergency Response Team searched their home Wednesday.

The residence is in Northampton Borough, part of the Lehigh Valley area, about 70 miles north of Philadelphia.

“Investigators discovered 21.5 pounds of crystal methamphetamine with a street value of $968,200,” Shapiro’s office said in a statement. They also discovered “six fully assembled ghost guns, three 80 percent receivers used to make ghost guns, four assault rifles, three handguns, and various ghost gun parts, along with drug and Nazi paraphernalia.”

First, it should be noted that some of those handguns are revolvers, which are not “ghost guns” in any way, so it seems that while the alleged bad guys here had so-called ghost guns, they also had access to more traditional firearms too.

Plus, you know, there’s that whole meth thing. I mean, meth is pretty heavily banned, and yet they didn’t seem to have too much trouble getting their hands on that, either. It’s kind of funny when you think about it. It’s almost like laws that ban stuff don’t really stop bad people from getting such things.

Crazy, I know, yet here we are.

Yet if these guys could get meth and traditional firearms, just what in the hell makes anyone think that banning incomplete receivers would do a damn thing to actually stop them from being criminal? Honestly, such an idea is so bizarrely brain-dead as to make me wonder how anyone who believes such a thing is capable of making human speech.

Hell, I’m amazed they can remember to breathe without a constant reminder.

Criminals will do what criminals will do. Yes, you can make it more difficult for them, but it won’t stop them. In fact, anything you do to make things more difficult for them will make it far, far more difficult for law-abiding citizens. The bad guys don’t bear the brunt of such laws. it’s the law-abiding citizens who do.

Yes, that includes ghost gun bans.

I get the desire. It’s just horribly misplaced. There are better options for dealing with criminals. It’s long past time for all levels of government to start looking at those and leave the rest of us the hell alone. We’re not a threat and we’re tired of being treated like one.