Police, Officials Begging Criminals To Put Down Guns

AP Photo/Keith Srakocic

For better or worse, criminals are going to get guns. They’re going to get them and they’re going to use them with evil intent. We don’t have to like it. In fact, we shouldn’t like it, nor do we. Yet it’s still a fact of life.

Over the last year, local officials all over the country are doing whatever they can to try and address the exploding violent crime rate.

In fact, some seem to be down to begging for them to stop.

After a spate of recent shootings, the Saginaw Police Department is again beseeching residents to put their guns down.

“We are again asking our community to stand with us — to put the guns down and end the violence,” said Saginaw Police Chief Robert M. Ruth. He added gun violence has been especially prominent of late amongst teens.

The plea comes after several shootings occurred in Saginaw in the last few weeks, including two gun-related homicides.

“We ask each of you, if you know something say something,” Ruth said. “Working together with the community, we can help stop the tragic loss of life in our city. We will continue to direct resources to areas most impacted by violence and trauma to deter further violence. However, we need families to implore those they love to put the guns away and realize that there are consequences for their actions. Lives are ruined, including their own.”

In the wake of an afternoon gunfight that occurred in the 1900 block of Glenwood Avenue on April 21, Michigan State Police Lt. Lizabeth Rich said investigators have been having problems with cooperating witnesses.

“We’re trying to do our best in these communities, and it’s just going back to the wild, wild west of things,” Rich previously said. “Law enforcement is trying. We really are trying to make a difference to stop people from killing each other, but we can’t do it alone. We have to have people who will come forward and say ‘enough is enough.’ The bottom line is, if we’re going to address crime, we have to have cooperation and the community has to step up.”

Honestly, I’m sympathetic. I truly am. However, I just hope no one actually expects this plea to work.

I mean, the odds of a criminal hearing a plea like this and thinking, “OK, no robbing and killing for me. The local government is asking us not to do that anymore,” are about as good as Gal Gadot calling me up and asking me out for a night on the town…and my wife giving her blessing.

Actually, I think I’ve got a better shot with Gal Gadot.

I don’t blame the local officials for asking, mind you, I just don’t want anyone to delude themselves about it working. Further, I want people to prepare themselves for it not working.

What Saginaw needs is more law-abiding people carrying guns and being willing to use them. Once more of these dirtbags and put down like the rabid dogs they are, you’ll see a change in attitude.

Polite requests aren’t going to make the bad guys stop. Seeing their buddies bleeding out in the street because they played stupid games and won stupid prizes will do far more.