Texas Hits Snag On Constitutional Carry

gmsjs90 / Pixabay

In Texas, it really seemed like a done deal. Constitutional carry was going to pass. Enough lawmakers wanted it that there was no chance of it not passing the legislature. The governor is likely to sign such a bill, too.

However, passing legislation is tricky. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, either, because it helps stop all kinds of horrible laws from making it onto the books. The downside is that it can create hurdles that good legislation has to deal with as well.

It seems constitutional carry hit just such a hurdle.

Now, this isn’t good news, but it’s not awful news.

The bad news is compounded by there only being a short time remaining for the legislature to remain in session, which means any compromise has to be reached quickly.

The good news is that these lawmakers seems to want constitutional carry in the state, which means they’re starting from a decent enough place. My hope is that they’ll pass a law based on just the parts they agree with and then debate the other stuff next year. Get the law on the books, then modify it as needed.

If they don’t do that, they may well miss this golden opportunity for passing an important law.

I doubt the voters in Texas will be appreciative of such behavior, to say the least, nor should they be. They know what the people want, they just need to put aside the bickering and get it done.

Pass constitutional carry and do it now. Worry about the other stuff in later bills and let the people exercise their Second Amendment rights the way God and the Constitution intended.