DeWine Pleads With Lawmakers To Pass His Gun Control Plan

(AP Photo/Angelo Merendino, File)

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine really wants his gun control measures to become law. He’s been pushing for them for months upon months now, yet there’s no movement on them. Granted, pro-gun voices don’t like the infringements on people’s Second Amendment rights and gun control fans think the measure doesn’t go nearly far enough.

The only thing many on the two sides can agree on is that DeWine’s bill won’t do anything.

Yet he’s trying to beat that drum all over again.

In the aftermath of Wednesday’s mass shooting in Springfield that sent six people to area hospitals, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine again called upon state lawmakers to consider proposed legislation aimed at gun reform.

DeWine spoke on the shooting Wednesday around 10 a.m., minutes before signing House Bill 170 into law, a bill that will provide additional funding to schools with money from the federal CARES Act.

“What happened early this morning in Springfield is a tragedy,” DeWine said. “In Springfield, gun violence there continues but it is not unique to Springfield. We see this in cities across our state.”

However in DeWine’s comments, he said one of the suspected shooters was a person under disability and “had absolutely no right to have a gun.”

A person under disability, as defined in the Ohio Revised Code, can mean many things, including the person has either been indicted or convicted of a felony involving a violent act, or drug trafficking or abuse. Other stipulations could lead to a violation of the ORC definition of having weapons while under disability.

DeWine urged the state’s General Assembly to consider and look at gun control legislation, previously proposed by DeWine, that has stalled-out among lawmakers.

“We’re looking at a summer of violence in our cities. We have to take action,” DeWine said. “Give the police the tools, give the prosecutors the tools, give the judges, at their discretion, the tools to use to deal with these individuals and separate them from society,” DeWine said.

So, one of the shooters illegally had a gun and therefore you need to add new regulations that only law-abiding gun owners will follow? Sure. Makes about as much sense as…OK, who am I kidding? I can’t come up with something ridiculous enough to make these sound sensible, and I’m trying here.

Yes, it’s that ridiculous.

Criminals get their guns through illicit means. They either buy off the black market or have someone conduct a straw buy, which is also illegal and won’t be addressed with DeWine’s plan. All that it will do is interfere with law-abiding citizens seeking to exercise their Second Amendment rights. Nothing else.

If there’s an upside to this, it’s that Ohio lawmakers haven’t passed any of this yet. If the Dayton shooting wasn’t enough to spur them into the “Do Something” mindset, there’s not a whole lot that will. That’s ultimately a good thing because the last thing anyone needs to see is DeWine’s plan become law, because once it does, anti-gunners will smell blood in the water and keep pushing for more and more.

They want it now, of course, but once you show weakness, they’re on you like piranhas on a cow. No one wants to see that.