Detroit Rapper Busted After Flashing Stolen Guns On Instagram

Detroit Rapper Busted After Flashing Stolen Guns On Instagram
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I’m a sucker for heist movies. While I was raised by a cop and respect the law, there’s something about those brilliant criminal minds that plan out the perfect crime. In real life, though, people aren’t that good. They do ridiculous stuff, which is a good thing because they aren’t taking bags of cash from corrupt casino moguls. In fact, stolen guns are a big part of what gets taken in your more mundane thefts.


Not everyone is Danny Ocean.

Stolen guns are a big issue, not just for the rightful owners but for everyone. After all, actions carried out with stolen guns are often get used to justify more gun control.

That’s why it’s helpful when someone makes it easy for police.

Instagram can be the most successful police informant, and one Detroit rapper learned this the hard way.

According to the Detroit Newsfederal agents arrested rapper Delmarco Craig, who goes by “the Big Homie” after an Instagram Live video linked him to seven shootings. Despite being a convicted felon, Craig decided to flash several firearms while streaming. This included a Glock pistol equipped with a device that converts the semi-automatic firearm into a fully automatic machine gun. This Glock caught the attention of federal agents because the attachments rendered it illegal.

Two days after the video, Craig’s home was raided by ATF agents. They found six firearms—two of which were reportedly stolen—and the modified Glock seen on Instagram. Ballistics linked the firearms to seven shootings since October, including a homicide and a double non-fatal shooting that took place hours after his Instagram Live.

Well…that was freaking stupid.


Craig isn’t exactly a famous rapper, from what I can gather, and it’s not surprising. I mean, it’s one thing to cultivate a thug identity to try and sell albums or even to just break into show business. It’s another to commit multiple shootings with the gun you’re flashing on Instagram when you’re a convicted felon.

We’re not talking about the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree here.

I mean, if you’re a felon and you’re trying to be a rapper and want to look hard with risking prison, I have one word for you: Airsoft. They’ll look real enough on camera and you don’t risk another trip to the slammer.

But Craig wasn’t using a gun for a prop, now was he? He wasn’t affecting a persona. He was a convicted felon who obtained a number of firearms. In fact, it’s almost like every law on the books to try and prevent criminals from getting their paws on firearms.

Stolen guns fuel the black market, which is where Craig had to have gotten these guns. They’ll always be available to people like him because black market dealers don’t care about anyone’s criminal history. They’ll sell to anyone with the cash, regardless of any other factor.


Meanwhile, good, decent folks have to jump through more and more hoops just to exercise a fundamental right. The guys with stolen guns cause all the problems and we’re the ones left getting the penalties. It’s like the class troublemaker caused enough problems the whole class is going to get punished, but he’s leaving early and misses it all.

Nothing about that is right, but since when do gun-grabbers care about right and wrong?

In that way, they’re not all that much different from Craig and the other thugs trying to leverage their criminal activity into becoming famous. Right and wrong don’t matter, just so long as you end up with what you wanted all along.

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