Utah Sheriff's Deputies Won't Enforce Federal Gun Control

Utah Sheriff's Deputies Won't Enforce Federal Gun Control
AP Photo/Andrew Selsky

The federal government is poised to pass some kind of gun control. They’re doing everything they can to cram something down our throats and the only saving grace is the filibuster, though there’s a significant push to swing enough Republicans over to make something happen.


However, that will only matter if someone enforces the laws.

In Utah, a sheriff has recently come out and said his deputies won’t be enforcing jack.

Davis County sheriff’s deputies and other department employees are prohibited under a new office policy from enforcing certain measures that could infringe on the right to bear arms.

The Standard-Examiner reported Sheriff Kelly Sparks says the policy is meant as a preventive measure and counterweight to any possible governmental action to interfere with gun rights in the county.

The policy kicked in earlier this week, the same day the county’s commissioners voted to back the move.

And, let’s be clear here, this is fantastic news.

Granted, it really just means the locals won’t be enforcing anything and won’t be cooperating with federal agents trying to enforce gun control laws in the county. What it doesn’t really mean is that the laws don’t apply.

That’s right, you can still go to jail for breaking federal gun control laws, even the new ones that may be coming that everyone says they’re not enforcing. That’s because federal agents aren’t precluded from enforcing those laws all on their own, so don’t be stupid.


Yet there’s still plenty to be happy about.

While the feds can still enforce gun control laws all they want, they often rely on help from local departments. They won’t get that in Davis County, Utah. Unless there’s a major gun-running ring in the county, it means they’re not likely to fool with it much.

Further, it sens a clear signal that more and more people aren’t thrilled with President Joe Biden’s anti-gun jihad.

The problems we have with violence didn’t come about because guns exist. They came about for any number of other factors, most of which we’re just speculating on because no one with the background and resources seems interested in actually digging into and finding the truth of what’s behind this surge in violence.

That’s where we’re at and where we’re going, and it’s imperative that as many counties, cities, and states embrace this idea as possible. The idea of a sanctuary county is one that only really works if there a large number of counties embrace it and they exist in even pro-gun states. Davis County is right. Sheriff Sparks is right.


What we need now is for the rest of the counties in the nation to embrace the idea that they’re not required to enforce federal gun control laws. They simply don’t have to, nor should they. Especially since all this is about is further encroachment into our basic civil liberties under the guise of addressing violent crime.

Violent crime won’t go away because of gun control. All that goes away are our liberties. Thank God some people will hold the line to preserve them as best they can.

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