Fred Guttenberg Creates New Gun Control Group

AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

Fred Guttenberg went through something no one wants to go through. He lost his daughter to a maniac during the Parkland massacre. I really hate that for him. However, since then, he’s become one of the loudest gun control proponents out there, despite not actually doing much of anything except spouting nonsense on the news.

Now, though, it seems Guttenberg is ready to step up and take a more active role in the gun debate. He’s started his own gun control group.

Fred Guttenberg, one of the most prominent gun safety activists in America, has now started the ‘Dads For Gun Safety’ campaign ahead of Father’s Day 2021. While announcing the movement on Twitter, Guttenberg said, “It’s almost Fathers Day. Rather than celebrating, I will spend Fathers Day working to prevent other dads from losing children to gun violence. I need your help sending a message to DC. Let’s make #DadsForGunSafety the biggest # of all time with 1,000,000 RT’s. Let’s do this.”

His call for support was soon amplified far and wide by Twitter users, who shared their own heartbreaking stories of losing loved ones to gun violence. Guttenberg received immense support from a community of fathers whose children were victims of gun violence in different shooting incidents across the country. Guttenberg’s announcement comes at the heels of Federal Judge Roger Benitez overturning a 32-year-old ban on assault weapons in California. Calling out Benitez’s comparison of an AR-15 with a Swiss Army knife, Guttenberg told CNN, “My daughter’s in a cemetery … because a Swiss Army knife was not used. Because it was an AR-15. If a Swiss Army knife was used, my daughter and most of those other kids and adults would be alive today.”

Again with this gun “safety” schtick, despite everyone knowing that there will be no attempt at actual gun safety education. Instead, this group will focus almost all of its resources on gun control. Plain and simple, that’s what Guttenberg is all about and everyone knows it.

So now we have Moms Demand Action and Dads For Gun Safety. What’s next? Grandmas For Knife Control? Aunts For Automatic Weapons Bans?


The problem here is that Guttenberg isn’t knowledgeable on the subject. He’s an ideologue who likes popping off one-liners that the gun control crowd seems to like but don’t actually accomplish anything. He’s an older version of David Hogg who at least has the advantage of there being no doubts about his tragic circumstances.

But those tragic circumstances don’t change the fact that he apparently doesn’t even understand basic high school level civics. Hell, he doesn’t even value free speech. This is someone who can’t even be civil during the State of the Union.

Yet this is the leader for a new gun control group? Somehow, I’m unafraid.

See, while anti-gun groups proliferate, the number of anti-gun crusaders doesn’t. At best, all Guttenberg will do is draw funds away from other anti-gun groups, making everyone that much less effective. That’s a good thing.

Unfortunately, though, it will also give him a bit more reach with a media that already seems to be enamoured with him. Expect to see him highlighted even more in CNN one-sided debates with little pushback that would illustrate just how little he knows about the topics at hand.

In the meantime, we’re going to have another gun control group to crank out cringe media and outright lies about guns, gun rights, and the effectiveness of gun control that we’ll get to mock. So, in that case, maybe it’s not all bad.

Regardless, Guttenberg isn’t going to go anywhere, but he’s mistaken if he thinks that his status as the father of a victim somehow makes him immune to criticism. It doesn’t.