Dem Distrust Of Police Kills Nevada Gun Control Bill

(AP Photo/Marina Riker, File)

Ever since the Defund the Police thing first kicked off, we at Bearing Arms have pointed out that you can either have gun control or a defunded police department. You really can’t have both.

Yet, unsurprisingly, Democrats have continued to push for both, oblivious that you can’t reduce the side of your police departments while simultaneously creating more criminals.

However, there’s some good news. It seems someone somewhere woke up and decided to show a little consistency.

Two weeks before the session’s end, state Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro introduced Senate Bill 452 as an emergency measure. The proposal would have made it a misdemeanor to carry a concealed weapon on certain properties, primarily casinos, that prohibited firearms. Repeat offenders could have faced felony charges.

Nevada already has a law against trespassing. If a casino finds out that a guest has a weapon, its employees can ask him or her to leave.

On the surface, this bill looked hard to stop. Democrats control both chambers and the Governor’s Mansion. Anti-gun efforts are popular among many liberals. As majority leader, Cannizzaro has significant power.

But a funny thing happened at the hearing. Liberals groups join Second Amendment supporters in opposing the bill.

“We believe that this policy will subject legal gun owners that are members of the African American community to lethal encounters with law enforcement,” Yvette Williams, chair of the Clark County Black Caucus, wrote in opposition.

Frankly, she ain’t wrong.

More importantly, though, that expands beyond the Nevada casino floors, not because of racist police but because black men and women are disproportionally convicted of criminal acts. After all, they represent 13 percent of the population but account for 40 percent of the incarcerated population in 2010. There’s a reason black people get extra attention, for better or worse.

But law-abiding citizens shouldn’t be scrutinized simply because they have a firearm, including minorities.

Yet gun rights efforts can actually help.

Take, for example, constitutional carry. It negates the pretense some officers may have for confronting black concealed carriers, thus causing fewer issues with those gun owners. It also reduces the chance of something going sideways and a law-abiding black man being shot and killed.

That’s should be a win in anyone’s book.

Of course, there’s also the inescapable fact that black men are far more likely to be shot and killed than just about any other demographic, meaning they’re also the most likely to need a gun to protect themselves.

Let’s also not forget the racist origins of gun control. Those get glossed over, but for a group that routinely lashes out at anything with a racist history (besides their own, of course), you’d think they’d use those grounds, too.

Regardless, I’m glad to see the stupidity in Nevada restrained and, maybe, to see just a hint of consistency from the Defund the Police crowd. I don’t expect it to continue, but I’m damn sure going to enjoy it while I can. It’s likely to be gone before we know it, so bask in it here and now.