California County Passes New Gun Control In Wake Of San Jose Shooting

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

Despite all the gun control in place in California, the San Jose shooting still happened. The state has damn near carte blanche for any gun control measure they want up to total gun bans, which the Supreme Court has already told them are a no-go. They’ve got enough of an anti-gun population that they can pass any gun control measure they want and the people will keep reelecting them.

And yet, none of that was enough to stop the San Jose killer from taking so many innocent lives, all because he apparently hated his job.

Now, a neighboring county is using that as an excuse to pass their own gun control.

The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors gave initial approval Tuesday to an ordinance that will update firearm laws with stricter licensing and security restrictions in the county’s unincorporated areas for the first time in 20 years.

The board unanimously approved the ordinance, which will return to the supervisors for a second reading and final approval. The amended ordinance requires firearms dealers to obtain a local license from the county manager and comply with strict security measures for their storefront.

Supervisor Dave Pine, who co-sponsored the item along with Supervisor Don Horsley, said that the recent mass shooting in San Jose underscored the need for gun safety.

On May 26, an employee of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority shot and killed nine people at the Guadalupe light-rail yard before killing himself.

“We do not have dealerships in unincorporated (areas) today but this sets the rules and standards for anyone who might want to open an establishment in the future,” Pine said. “It’s important to comprehensively regulate these firearm dealers to ensure everyone’s safety and to ensure that guns are not ending up in the wrong hands.”

Funny how none of these measures would have prevented the San Jose shooting, but they’ll still use it as justification.

All this is about is trying to keep gun stores from opening in the county so as to make it more difficult for their citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

However, it should be noted that such measures disproportionally impact economically disadvantaged citizens more than others. They’re the ones who are more likely to be lacking in the means to venture outside the unincorporated areas to find a gun store. Wealthier residents won’t have any issue going wherever they need to go in order to buy a gun, but poor residents may be stuck.

There’s nothing about that which sounds right to me.

It’s always funny how people like this will talk a big game about helping the poor, but when it comes to letting the poor help themselves, they’ll trip over themselves to stop that from happening. They don’t like guns and they don’t want people to have them and screw their rights. Since they can’t stop the wealthier from getting them, though, they’ll just have to settle for keeping poor residents disarmed.

At least until someone challenges these kinds of laws and gets them overturned permenantly.

Californians deserve better than crap like this.