Missouri Governor To Sign 2A Sanctuary State Bill

AP Photo/ Rick Bowmer

Sanctuary states are a thing. This is very good. After all, we need states where it’s clear that President Joe Biden’s anti-gun agenda isn’t going to fly.

Ever since he took office, numerous states have stepped up and announced that they weren’t going to follow unconstitutional gun laws that Biden was bound and determined to shove down our throats.

Now, Missouri is about to join their ranks.

Missouri police will be barred from enforcing federal gun laws that regulate weapons registration, tracking and possession of firearms by some domestic violence offenders under a bill Gov. Mike Parson, a former sheriff, announced Thursday he will sign into law.

Passage of the “Second Amendment Preservation Act” represents a victory for conservatives who have pushed the legislation for nearly a decade and picked up new momentum this year by responding to the Biden administration’s vows to enact stricter gun control.

It’s been met by outrage and alarm from Democrats and gun control advocates, who have slammed the measure as dangerous in a state with such high rates of gun violence. Missouri had the nation’s third-highest per-capita rate of gun deaths in 2020.

In particular, gun control advocates have focused on what they call the “domestic violence loophole” that the legislation would solidify. Federal law prohibits gun possession for those convicted of domestic violence misdemeanors, but when Missouri passed a permitless concealed carry law in 2016, sheriffs were no longer conducting background checks.

Under the Second Amendment Preservation Act, that federal limitation is one of many gun laws that would be declared “invalid” in the state. Missouri law only prohibits felons and fugitives from having guns.

Critics have questioned the legality of “nullifying” federal laws, pointing to the Constitution’s Supremacy Clause. But proponents of the bill have brushed it off.

“We’re just simply saying we’re not going to lift a finger to enforce their rules,” state Sen. Eric Burlison, a Battlefield Republican, said last month.

Honestly, I find the freak out more than a little hypocritical.

Remember, these are Democrats who said nothing about immigration sanctuaries popping up all over the country. Those were on the same legal foundation, namely that there’s nothing in the Constitution that requires states to enforce federal laws. Missouri is right to say that they have no interest in passing further federal infringements on their residents’ Second Amendment rights.

If immigration sanctuaries are allowed to exist, the Second Amendment sanctuaries have to be.

Unfortunately, anti-gun zealots won’t see it that way. They never do, of course. For them, the Second Amendment isn’t really in the Constitution. It’s really more of a suggestion or something, at least in their minds.

I’m happy that Missouri passed this and pray that still more states will do the same. While cities like Saint Louis and Kansas City are having some issues with violence, the truth is that this won’t have any impact on that and anyone with any sense knows it. The criminal actions are criminal from the get-go and will continue regardless of what laws you put on the books.

Parson signing the bill is going to ultimately be good for Missouri and be yet another message to Washington not to get too enamored by the idea that there’s really some broad public support for gun control.