Mia Farrow: The Human Species Shouldn't Have Guns

(AP Photo/Special Tribunal for Sierra Leone, Via APTN)

I know of actress Mia Farrow from two things. One was getting knocked up by Satan in Rosemary’s Baby and the other was shacking up with Woody Allen and getting knocked up once by him.

So, kinda the same thing.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s done far more than that, to be sure, but I really don’t care about that. For the most part, Farrow is almost never on my radar. While she’s still working, she doesn’t do the kind of things I actually watch, so I don’t pay much attention to her.

However, when she decided to open her trap about guns, that got my attention.

Actress and left-wing activist Mia Farrow tweeted responded to a revenge shooting in the Bronx by tweeting “humans are a species that should not have guns.”

Farrow was reacting to a New York Daily News report of 18-year-old Luis Rivera driving up alongside 24-year-old Nelson Caban on the Bronx Expressway and shooting him dead. Caban had allegedly shot and wounded Rivera eight months earlier.

“Humans are a species that should not have guns,” Mia Farrow said in response to the shooting. Farrow did not mention that New York has all the gun control laws Democrats at the federal level are pushing under the guise of safety.

Funny how she fails to mention that.

The Bronx falls under New York City’s draconian gun control laws, yet none of those regulations did a damn thing to stop this shooting. Nor would they.

What Farrow needs to remember is that criminals don’t obey gun laws. They bypass them with regularity and they will always find a way to get them.

But humans are a species that should not have guns, right Mia? Then which species would you prefer to have them? Pigeons? Koalas? Capybaras?

Look, let’s be real here. If guns didn’t exist, Mia Farrow would be talking about how humans are a species that shouldn’t have bows and arrows or swords or pointy sticks. That’s because she, like so many of her entertainment industry colleagues, consistently seeks to blame the tool rather than the tool using it.

Guns aren’t the problem. People are the problem. Take away the guns and people will still get murdered, possibly in more brutal ways. You don’t remove the evil in some people’s hearts by taking away a tool.

You see, firearms aren’t cursed items that make men turn evil over time. They’re simply tools, tools that have served hero and villain alike.

Farrow can sit up there on her high horse about how humans shouldn’t have guns, but what about the women who have successfully defended themselves from would-be rapists simply because they had a gun? Should they have simply allowed themselves to be violated at the whim of some disgusting individual just so that Mia Farrow would be satisfied?


That’s the problem with comments like Farrow’s. She thinks she’s speaking an unassailable truth, but what she’s actually advocating for is the victimization of smaller, weaker people at the hands of the stronger, more aggressive criminals. Women, old folks, and even kids have used guns to protect themselves from bigger, meaner opponents, and Farrow’s sitting there pretending to be speaking pure morality.

Mia Farrow was a pretty good actress back in the day. Maybe she should use some of those acting skills and pretend to be a decent human being who doesn’t support women being raped and killed for a change. After all, if humans are a species that shouldn’t have guns, that’s precisely what she’s advocating for, whether she means to or not.

Either way, the day actors figure out that no one cares about their politics is a day that won’t come soon enough.