Colorado Governor Signs Gun Control Bills

(AP Photo/David Zalubowski, File)

Gov. Jared Polis isn’t a fan of gun rights. The Colorado governor has long been opposed to the Second Amendment, no matter what he may tell you to the contrary. Then again, most Democrats seem to be these days.


That stance wasn’t helped in the least by the shooting in a King Soopers store in Boulder, Colorado earlier this year.

Now, in the wake of that shooting, Polis has signed a number of gun control bills into law.

Gov. Jared Polis on Saturday signed three gun control bills inspired by the Boulder King Soopers into law, making this year’s legislative session the most significant in terms of firearm regulations in Colorado in nearly a decade.

The three bills Polis signed were:

  • Senate Bill 256, which will allow local governments, public higher education institutions and special districts to enact gun policies that are stronger than what’s written in state law
  • House Bill 1298, which closes the so-called Charleston loophole by requiring gun dealers to complete a background check on a gun buyer before transferring a weapon. It will also prohibit people from purchasing a gun if they have been convicted of certain misdemeanors within the past five years.
  • House Bill 1299, which forms the Office of Gun Violence and Prevention within the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

This is in addition to three other bills Polis had already signed into law such as a mandatory storage bill and a mandatory reporting bill.

However, does anyone else find it amusing that these bills were supposedly inspired by King Soopers and yet not a single one of them would have stopped the shooting?

I probably shouldn’t be amused. After all, I’ve seen it happen so often it shouldn’t be funny anymore, but it is.

Killing state preemption didn’t empower the shooter to carry an AR-15 into the store. I mean, there are laws against killing people, but he thought nothing of breaking that one. Why would one more law have been enough?


The killer didn’t have anything in his background that would have stopped him from getting a gun, so closing that so-called loophole didn’t do anything.

Then there’s the Office of Gun Violence and Prevention. In other words, those of you in Colorado will have your tax dollars spent to fund an office that will really only focus on taking away your constitutionally protected rights. That’s got to make you feel some kind of way, doesn’t it?

None of those bills would have stopped the shooting, but while they claim they were inspired by the shooting, Boulder was an excuse, not a motivating factor. Democrats in the state wanted to pass these bills anyway. They just couldn’t get away with it until something happened, so I fully suspect they were celebrating in the aftermath of the King Soopers shooting.

They’ll likely deny such a thing, of course, and why wouldn’t they? But we know better.

Now, they’ve got their gun control in place and how much safer did it make anyone? Not one bit.

But I suspect they already know that and are planning their next round of gun control.

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