Wisconsin Senate Set To Pass Sanctuary State Bill

(AP Photo/Julie Jacobson, File)

Right now, a lot of attention is being shown to Missouri’s sanctuary state bill, and for good reason. Not only does it bar local and state police from enforcing federal gun control laws, but it also gives some teeth to the measure.

However, the push for sanctuary status is far from over.

For example, the Wisconsin State Senate is poised to pass a measure of its own.

The state Senate is poised to approve a bill that would prohibit police in Wisconsin from enforcing any future federal laws banning or restricting the use of guns.

The proposal is part of a national wave of similar Republican-backed legislation intended to resist new gun control measures.

The U.S. Constitution dictates that state law can’t trump federal law, however, and many previous GOP proposals to thwart gun laws have been found unconstitutional.

Except, it such a measure doesn’t try to trump federal laws. What it does is simply say that if the feds want these laws enforced, they’ll have to roll into the state and do it all on their own.

That’s entirely consistent with the Constitution. More importantly, though, is that it’s consistent with the left’s preferred kind of sanctuary, which is one where local law enforcement won’t enforce immigration law.

This is especially interesting since immigration is something Congress can decide while our Second Amendment rights are supposed to be sacrosanct.

Now, what about this bill. Will it pass?

Well, the Wisconsin version of the House passed it already, so this is simply the next step. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that Gov. Tony Evers is a Democrat and is highly unlikely to sign such a bill. Plus, there’s probably nowhere near enough votes to override a veto, so don’t hold your breath waiting for Wisconsin to become a sanctuary state.

It’s a shame, too, because it would be good for the state. Unfortunately, that’s just not going to happen.

Instead, it sounds like the best bet for Wisconsin gun rights activists would be to actively pressure their senators to oppose these measures. With one Democrat and one Republican, there should be a lot of pressure on both of them to take the right position on these issues. Sen. Tammy Baldwin is a confirmed gun control fan, but I suspect she likes her job more. If it becomes clear to Baldwin that her constituents don’t want more gun control, she’ll likely back off.

If she doesn’t, then it’s time to replace her. It’s just that simple. That’s the beauty of our republic.

If Wisconsin became a sanctuary state, that would be wonderful. It won’t, though, so it’s time to resort to Plan “B” and make damn sure that sanctuary measure isn’t needed in the least. If gun rights advocates can manage that, then they can get to cleaning house and making it so they won’t have to worry ever again about whether their gun rights will be violated by yet another example of overreach by the federal government.